Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Father's Day, Mum. You're the BEST Father And Mother there ever was.

My elder sis and me. I was about 3 years old here ;)
My elder sis, me and my younger sis. No idea why I'm tilting my head and why my sister's mouth is wide open. Hahaha!
I know this may be a few days late (4 days late in exact), but I'll like to wish my Mum a Happy Father's Day! :) Whenever I'm having a hard day with my kids and work, I just think of my Mum and realise that all my problems and "hardships" are insignificant compared to hers.

As I've mentioned before, my mum is a divorced mother who didn't receive or take a single cent from my father after the divorce. It was a messy long ordeal; their divorce dragged on for 3+ years as my father strongly refused to get divorced and the only way which he finally agreed to the divorce was when he didn't have to give a single cent to my mother. No matrimonial assets were divided among them and no child support maintenance fees were given to us. Basically, we received nothing at all. The irony was that he came from a very rich background. I hate to talk about his background, but let's just say every single Indian in Singapore will know of his family and his father's contribution to our society. Anyway, after the agreement of not giving a single cent to my mum and us, he finally agreed to divorce my mother. It was a huge relief for my mother as she didn't have to endure the lengthy divorce process anymore and could move on with her life. So at the age of 31, my mother then took on the sole responsibility of raising us all by herself, without any help from our father and our paternal side.

Single mothers have the hardest job on earth. With limited resources, support and help, they are charged with the enormous task of ensuring the healthy mental, emotional and social development of their little ones. My mum had two, and sometimes three jobs, just to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. She was, and still is, the most hardworking and capable person whom I will ever know of.

I still remember of an incident back then when I was in primary school. Once, she really needed to earn more money as her salary had completely been used up for our HDB mortgage and household expenses. (She was a nurse back then and her salary was only $1500 a month.) She then went around asking her colleagues if they know of anyone who needed help with their newborns and thankfully, she managed to find 3 mothers who really needed help! So she provided baby-care lessons for them. She taught them how to bathe their babies, nurse their babies successfully, and basically look after their babies well, while earning some extra money that way. I still remember the words that she said after she told me of this experience. Her words were "No matter how bad the situation was, I knew that there was always a way. When your father left, I promised myself that the 3 of you will never starve or feel like you're last in society. I told myself that I have to study hard and work hard at the same time to build a better future for us."

So Happy Father's Day, Mum. You're the strongest and most resilient woman
whom I will ever know of. I know that there were probably many lonely days and nights where you don’t know how you are going to make it or take it. Until this day, I don't know how you're able to endure those traumatising days with our father, go through the lengthy divorce process, rebuild a life after that, and all at the same time, take care of us. But those days are over, and I can proudly say that you're truly the best parent one can ever have. You're forever a role model and inspiration to me. Without your guidance and support, I wouldn't be where I am today. You're the best mother and father there ever was, and thank you for raising us so well. We love you, and your grandsons love you too! :))

/ps: To all the single mothers out there, hang in there. It will get tough, but your children will appreciate, respect and love you so much more than you will ever know of. Being a single mother is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears. But also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride, so there is absolutely nothing "single" about a single mum. :)

Little me sitting on my favourite chair ;)
Me and my younger sis
The 3 of us and Shayne-Shayne! This was taken last year during my sister's birthday.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Weekend, with an over-excited baby!

Here are some photos of our weekend taken last month. As usual, we headed to the Singapore River area :)

Thankfully, the weather was perfect that day and so, we did lots of sight-seeing and walked around.

Our kids admiring the scenic view, especially Shayne. He was so engrossed with all the buildings and couldn't stop looking at them. :) #fatherandsons

Happy laughing Nathan :D

We walked towards Esplanade and had our dinner.

Super thick juicy patty and onion rings to top it off!!! YUM.

Nathan fell asleep for about an hour and it was the perfect opportunity for the 3 of us to have our dinner. He'll usually get quite restless during meal-time as he wants to try ALL of everyone's food and he knows that he can't because he's still a baby. So he'll get quite upset and whiny, haha. Soon Nathan, soon... you'll have whatever you want. But first, you'll need to grow more teeth to chew! :D
Watching the sunset together :)
Nathan woke up after we had our dinner and so, it was more sight-seeing and walking for us!

Photobombed by Shayne! Lol. Boys...
Inside The Fullerton Hotel

Shayne always loves to observe the luo-han fishes and he'll even say byebye to them whenever we leave the hotel.
 I took a couple of photos with baby Nathan (Shayne was too engrossed with the fishes at that time) and check out Nathan's facial expressions. They're all too funny. LOL!
Over-excited Nathan
No comment for this one. LOL.
"HUH??!!" says shocked Nathan
Happy and excited, again :D
Shayne was running towards him/us and Nathan got really excited.
And he couldn't control his excitement!!! HAHAHA! He kept jumping up and down in his Papa's arms and couldn't stop screaming/laughing the entire time when Shayne was running towards him. Haha it's never a dull moment with these two!
Soon, Nathan managed to calm himself down and we carried on as usual...
Up the escalator... and then was when our camera's battery died. Lol.

I love to sight-see our city with my spouse and kids, and it never gets boring for me. It's funny how kids are so easily amazed by the tall skyscrapers, street performances, sunsets and more. I used to walk by all of these without batting an eyelid but now, I always pause to take a look at the surroundings when I'm with my kids. Their curiosity has widened my eyes and I've noticed little things which I have not before. :) Anyways have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Gondola" Ride at Marina Bay Sands, and more!

3 months ago, during March, we headed to Marina Bay Sands for dinner and some window-shopping. We have passed by the sampan ride a few times but have never sat on it until that Sunday evening. As I was baby-wearing Nathan and Nathan was too young to be on board the sampan, Papa and Shayne decided to take it together. It was also the perfect father-and-son bonding session for them, although the sampan ride only last for 15 minutes.

Fun fact about the sampan ride at MBS: The sampan, a beautifully crafted Chinese wooden boat, will take you along the Canal, the Shoppes and around the Rain Oculus. The oculus is a magnificent 22-meter diameter acrylic bowl set on a 90-ton steel structure that releases more than 22,000 litres of water per minute, from two storeys above. After the ride, we witnessed the Rain Oculus in full force. It was really interesting and we couldn't stop staring at it during the entire process. It was kind of hypnotizing too. ;)

Anyways here are some of the photos taken that Sunday!

More photos of their "gondola" ride can be seen below ;)
singapore river

Glorious evening sunset :)
Happy Nathan after his nap!

I can't imagine a life without our Tula carrier. It has helped us to carry our hefty 11kg baby boy everywhere we go- from crowded buses, trains, shopping malls and more. The best thing about babywearing is that we're able talk to him face to face whenever we go. :)

We entered the MBS mall and that's when Papa and Shayne decided to take the "gondola" ride!

MBS sampan ride
And off they go! :)
Hi Shayne!!!!!!
Going under the bridge

Shayne was so happy during and after the ride. He couldn't stop talking about it once we reached home that day. :D

singapore river

drinks at bar

Dinner time!
TIME TO DIG IN. Yum yum...
We went back home at about 10pm that night and these are some random photos which I took of my kids ;) Here's Shayne explaining to us about something exciting.
cute baby

And as usual, Nathan was busy biting onto a toy...

Anddd... I'll add in the remaining few more photos of our trip to KL (Malaysia) which we went to and had a weekend stay in this post before I forget all about it. :D (Btw we stayed at the Swiss-Garden hotel and the room was perfect!)
All the boys relaxing together on the bed :)

mommy ootd
My ootd before we left the hotel for some shopping and sight-seeing ;) #denim #headtotoe
mommy and son
Smiling with my cheeky baby boy! :P
We took several family photos and all of them were epic fails. LOL. Our kids were not in the mood to smile or take photos during that time, and they just wanted to get out of our laps. This photo was actually THE BEST among all of them. Haha -_-"

And of course, our trip to KL wasn't completed without seeing THE PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS!
petronas twin towers

petronas twin towers
The towers are 88 storeys high! Shayne even bought a little souvenir- a metal replica of the twin towers and it's now sitting on top of our living room's piano.
Bye bye KL! We'll see you again sometime soon. (More photos of our stay at KL's Swiss-Garden hotel can be viewed here.)
Nonetheless, we'll be heading to MBS pretty soon and I can't wait to spend the entire day relaxing with my family. Papa and I have been both working every single day (7 days a week) for this month, but it's more exhausting for him as his working hours are much longer than mine. He starts from 830am to 930pm and only has 2 short breaks in between. So I guess he really deserves the weekend break in July. As for me, my work only starts in the afternoon, so I've been taking the public bus with both of my kids during the morning peak hour as I need to send Shayne for his excursion trips. And oh boy, taking the public transport with both kids is not an easy feat. Especially with baby Nathan who loves to tug at stranger's sleeves and call out to their handphones (really, I'm not kidding here). Luckily, most of the passengers are quite understanding.

However I got to be honest here, it's shocking to see how nonchalent some people are towards those who really need the seats. I'm not referring to myself, Shayne or baby Nathan. I'm actually referring to the elderly and disabled (blind) people. I've seen a lady applying her lipstick right in front of an elderly, a man resting his arm on a seat beside him, passengers not giving way or giving up a seat for the blind and more. It's saddens me that my sons actually have to witness this ugly part of society. But on a lighter note, we have encountered a few kind passengers who have gave up their seats to us and those in need of them. So I guess it's not all that bad after all....

Ok I got to go now, I shall stop blabbering/typing about our week. Hope to update this blog of ours with more photos soon, byee!

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