Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Snapshots of my family: Once a week, every week, in 2015.

(3rd week of February 2015)

His crawling position :)
Baby Nathan falling down, haha! Cute bum bum.

Having his favourite chocolate drink. *thumbs up!*
My babies playing together :)) Both of them have been interacting with each other a lot more recently, most likely because baby Nathan is growing older and he's starting to understand everyone and his surrounding better. He's also starting to get loud like his brother... #brotherlylove
And I just had to add these Chinese New Year portraits of my boys into the 7/52 weekly series!

 I'll upload 8/52 tomorrow (hopefully!) and 9/52 will be uploaded by this Saturday. I got to get back on track with our 52 weeks project! It'll definitely be a fun family photo project to look back on during the last week of December 2015. :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015! (Photos: Getting Festive and Formal!)

Okay, I've been backsliding on my 52 weekly portraits series! :( I promise to update it by this Friday! I've got so many photos of our recent outings, ready to be uploaded onto our blog but I've been terribly busy at work these few days. We've got so much work-related stuff to catch up on, and every night just before we sleep, we'll tell each other "Okay, we will do that tomorrow" and when tomorrow comes, we have another new work task to complete, and so.... our work snowballs. Sigh.

Anyways here are some Chinese New Year photos, taken from our handphones. All of us, including Shayne and baby Nathan, enjoyed ourselves during the 5 days! I'll upload our CNY photos and other photos taken from our DSLR soon! :)

chinese new year
Happy Chinese New Year! That's Shayne and his uncle, who is younger than him by a year. Haha! :D
chinese new year

chinese new year baby
Happy Nathan, all ready for his first Chinese New Year! :)
chinese new year

chinese new year

sisters selfie
My younger sis and I. We wore similar coloured tops that day!
All of us cousins
Candid photo #1 : Check out Nathan's face in all the photos, he looks so stunned in all of them. Haha, my poor babyboy.

Excited Nathan with the pineapple tarts :D
mother and son selfie
CNY 2015 selfie with my elder son. Love him so much!
mother and son selfiemother and son selfie
 CNY 2015 selfie with my younger son. Love love!

father and son
We had a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant and here's Papa babywearing our baby and showing Shayne the latest game :D

father and sonfather and son
So thankful to have this wonderful man in my life for the past 11 years. Honestly, I've never imagined myself being married AND having 2 kids with him when I first dated him, haha! It's amazing how much more I love him now than before. :)

All of us cousins, again!
Lao Yu Sheng! Huat ah!!!!
My cheeky son and his aunts/uncles :D

happy chinese new year

sg mum blogger
A wacky family photo, just before we left home. It's getting challenging to take a proper photo of the 4 of us smiling simultaneously for the camera lately...
sg mum blogger
Shayne, tickling his brother's cheeks. -_-" Btw I love it when my boys get all suited up and formal! #sohandsome
capella sentosa
And we finally arrive at our destination! Our friend (Papa's army buddy) was getting married that afternoon at Sentosa's Capella Hotel and oh my gosh, the surrounding and scenery were all so beautiful... There were lots of lush greenery everywhere and the hotel faces the South-China sea. Sadly, we didn't snap any photos of the gorgeous view. :(

sg mum blogger

Handsome father and son! #formalwear #suitandtie

Family photo! #1
sg mum blogger
Family photo! #2 :)
A quick snap of my elder son, during the wedding lunch.
Last but definitely not least, a quick snap of my handsome guy and our little one. Bye Capella, we hope to return some day!

Wishing everyone a happy Lunar new year! <3

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Two weeks ago, we had an impromptu afternoon trip to the Henderson Waves Bridge after lunch (thanks to papa!) and the view from the top was stunning. Fun fact: It's the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and is 36metres above ground!

"The bridge mimics the undulating shape of a wave, curving and twisting along its entire 274-metre length. Its form is anchored by steel arches and filled in with curved ‘ribs’ – slats of Balau wood, a dense hardwood used in heavy construction and which is found only in Southeast Asia. 

Its shape allows it to have hidden recesses and shell-like niches, where pedestrians can sit and observe their surroundings. Because there’s privacy and room to rest, the bridge is a popular spot on weekends with couples, families with children and joggers.

As dusk falls, visitors still linger to admire the bridge, which is illuminated to stunning effect by LED lighting from 7pm to 2am every night." (taken from http://www.yoursingapore.com/see-do-singapore/architecture/modern/henderson-waves.html)

Here are some of the photos that we took that sunny afternoon...

henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge

Say cheeseee!!
henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge
Candid photo of Shayne ;D
henderson waves bridge

Happy Father and Son! :)
henderson waves bridge

henderson waves bridge

sg mum blogger
Nathan grabbing Shayne's tummy #1
sg mum blogger
Nathan grabbing Shayne's tummy #2

Our drooling babyboy :D

henderson waves bridge

Cool Kid ;)
So many HDB flats!

Enjoying the view... It was really peaceful and relaxing.
mount faber park
Byebye Bridge! We'll visit you soon! :)
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