Thursday, September 18, 2014

BROTHERHOOD #6: 6 things I'd like to tell my sons, before they're too cool to listen.

1) Love each other. Never lose your love, trust and respect for each other no matter what happens. Learn to forgive and forget, and treasure each other.

2) Do not be too ashamed, or too arrogant, to ask each other for help. Offer help to each other, and accept help from each other.

3) Remain as close as possible, even when both of you are busy with your own lives. Communicate everyday, if possible.

4) Love each other whole-heartedly. Accept each other's flaws. And most importantly, do not criticise about one another to others.

5) Both of you are meant for big things. Do not self-doubt, and do not be afraid. Into everything, there is always another way. I believe that both of you will be able to succeed in whatever you want to do in your lives. And I will always be your biggest supporter.

6) Both of you are the kindest souls I know of, and both of you make me so happy everyday. Thank you for coming into my life, both of you are my constant reminder that life is beautiful. :)

I love you both, with all my heart and soul.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Since last year, we have enrolled Shayne in a Speech and Drama course at his pre-school and he loves it! Shayne enjoys his speech and drama lessons, and he always recites to us a poem or two when he returns home, with lots of flamboyant funny hand gestures. Haha. And I think it's wonderful that he's able to learn many new vocabulary words through fun and play. ;) 

A few weeks ago, we managed to steal some time from work to watch a performance which his school has invited all parents to. All the kids performed very well and they looked so happy throughout the performance! I'll let the photos do the talking, enjoy! :)

Spinning around, which was part of the dance ;)
Pretending to be in a submarine under the water :D

Hiding from the sea monsters!

Shayne's cheeky face, haha.

After the performance, all the kids received a certificate :)

His certificates which we keep in our family's album. :) I can't wait for baby Nathan to attend such courses in the future, I know he's going to have lots of fun, just like his big brother! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Furniture-shopping dilemma solved!

As a mother of 2 young children now, I've been wanting to buy new kids furniture for the both of them but it hasn't been easy. The only furniture shops we know of are Courts and Ikea, and unfortunately they don't offer a wide range of kids furniture.

So we were delighted when we discovered, a local resource site for furniture shoppers. is a resource site for customers who are looking to buy furniture in Singapore, and there are many useful guides to help customers make informed purchases!  The guides discuss the different types of furniture, and in which stores you’d be able to find these items.

For example, under the "Kids Furniture" Section under their website, there are a big list of local furniture stores offering kids furniture in Singapore. Parents will be able to find many different types of children’s furniture, from beds to chairs and many more. Whether you’re looking for cheap children’s furniture, or more high end models, you’ll find it in their list. Most importantly, it also lists the price range of the furniture sold in the stores.

We were amazed by the different types of kids furniture that were being sold in those furniture stores, and have made some plans on what type of furniture we're interested in for our little ones. So if you have in mind the perfect furniture that you've always wanted but can't find it anywhere, why not try searching for it under You might just find what you're looking for! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photos of Baby Nathan @ 2 Months Old! (And a horrifying morning with Shayne. Eeeks!)

Baby Nathan @ 8 weeks :)

His cheeky little grin ;)

"What?! I'm 2 months old?!"

Baby Nathan @ 9 weeks :) He's my cuddly chubby baby!

Anddd one morning, when I was snapping photos of baby Nathan on our family bed, Shayne started to play with his spinning windmill toy and guess what? 


I was mortified and at first, I couldn't get my hair out of it. But after awhile, it became a funny moment for the both of us. :D

My hair was caught in his toy, and Shayne was very excited about it. It took us about 5 minutes to get my hair out of it, one strand at a time. Baby Nathan just kept staring at us from our bed while we were laughing and trying to remove my hair. Hahaha.
Found this old photo of Shayne (3 years old) in my handphone. He's still so silly after all these years, haha. I love my boys so much.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Visiting The Trick Eye Museum, Where Seeing Is NOT Believing!

Last Wednesday, my family and I headed to the Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa as the museum had kindly reached out and invited us to visit their exhibitions/awesome 3D paintings. Just a short introduction on the Trick Eye Museum:

""Trickeye" is derived from the French compound word - Trompe-l'oeil - meaning 'trick of the eye'. The museum has 2D and 3D paintings as well as installations, specially designed for photo opportunities, which trick the viewer's eye into seeing something else. These installations stimulate creativity and imagination techniques through one's vision."

We took over 250 photos (I know, crazy!!) and here are some of my favourites. There are about 100 photos in this post, so it's a real lengthy post. Haha, enjoy! ;)
Hahahaha! My dearest has become a little baby.

Wanna dance? ;)
My sister-in-law and her cutie pie!
Tea party with a ballerina

Small VS Big!
Siblings :D

Caught in a dinosaur cage!!!
And soon, baby girl wants to get out! Haha.

Ahhh! There's a snake!!!

This was suppose to look as if we were standing on top of the turtle and floating along the sea, but it didn't turn out well. Haha, fail...
Sky-diving! Woohoooo!
Monster eel!!! Or Monster snake??!!! (I'm not too sure myself... Haha)

So sexy ;)

Happy baby girl!
Part of the circus show! :D
No idea why my eyes are closed here :/
Help help!

3 tiny babies
With a cute kitten. Aaawwww

Feeling like I'm part of a Christmas card ;)
So angelic. HAHA

Flying across the houses. Wheeee!

Wanna dance with me? :D

Happy baby girl in a baby's cage!

Smiling with 'people' who are rushing off in the 'rain'. And baby Nathan just woke up at this point of time...

I like how the statues are staring straight into the camera. Haha, kinda creepy though.

Shayne saw this statue and immediately said to me, "That's the Emperor from the Emperor's new clothes!" ;)

Part of a romance novel? :)
After an hour or so, we left the museum and decided to have lunch.

Btw that's Shayne carrying his electronic minion/captain america lantern. Happy Lantern Festival to everyone! :)
Haha I look irritated here. #reallifemoment #notsmiling

Smiling at his Papa :)
And soon, he's sleeping again. I love these newborn moments, when they're always sleeping and love to cuddle. :)
Another real life moment. I was talking mid-way, I think.

Molten Chocolate cake. So delicious!

M&M's Star Wars StarTrooper!
Chocolate lips :D

Hello Shayne!
With my mum and a bunch of happy M&Ms!

And that's the end of this (lengthy) post! Just a few tips before you visit the musuem with your family: 1) The most important thing you have to do at the musesum is bring along a camera. 2) Bring out all your dramatic expressions during the photo-taking sessions. ;)  

The trick eye muesum is definitely a place for friends, couples and families to get creative and have fun. For more information about the Trick Eye Museum, please click here. Share this unique photo-taking experience with your loved ones day! I'll definitely print some of the above photos and keep them in our family album. :)
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