Monday, May 25, 2015

Going Crazy At The Fountain Of Wealth!

Here are the final photos of our last day of this year's Chinese New Year! Nathan was only about 5 months old when these photos were snapped. :)

During the last day, we headed to Suntec City at 9am (the kids woke up at 7am!) and did some shopping/strolling. Shayne definitely had lots of fun at the rooftop of Suntec City, where it was the perfect open space for him to scream, jump and run around. Haha. Here are some photos of our Sunday:

My 3 musketeers!
Attempting to tickle/disturb his Papa. Lol
Baby Nathan at 5 months
Hello little one! :)

A very cool 3D reflection

Smiling with my big baby. Haha

There were lots of pretty festive decoration everywhere.
Happy Chinese New Year! #3monthsbelated
Soon, we headed to Marche and Shayne loves to hang out at the kid's area before and after his meal.There's a small tree-house, cooking station, playing station and sports station such as this! Marche is one of my favourite family restaurants to go to. :)
Happy Baby Nathan ~
Mushroom crepe! My FAVOURITEEE.
"Milking" a cow. And instead of milk, it was actually filled with water :D
After lunch, we headed to the Suntec City's rooftop for some relaxation and peace. It was the perfect place to be away from the shopping crowd. ;)
Say Cheese!
After a few minutes, Shayne realised that we had the entire place to ourselves and since it was so big and spacious, he got quite excited.
Running around in circles
I don't really have that many photos of me nursing Nathan, especially in public, so I'm grateful that Papa snapped these photos of us. When there's no baby room in sight, I'll usually nurse when there's no one around or everyone is really far away from us.

Running around in circles. It's amazing how much energy kids have.
Getting ready to JUMP!

It's not Superman, it's SuperShayne! Hahaha ok that's quite lame..
After a few minutes, Shayne got tired and decided to stop. Whew.

We decided to call it at day as Shayne had to wake up early for school the next day. He usually wakes up at 6am and everyone will wake up together with him, including baby Nathan. Driving to his primary school together in the morning has become one of our family's routine. I guess this kinda prepares Nathan for his morning session of pre-school in the future. :D

I'll upload photos of our other family outings soon. Nonetheless photos from our Day 1-4 of CNY 2015 can be viewed here and here. Have a good week!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life lately, in 12 photos! (The 52 Weeks Project)

 The 52 weeks project: 18/52 and 19/52

Snapshots of my family: Once a week, every week, in 2015

2nd and 3rd week of May

taken on a Sunday morning
Always playing together // It's funny how Shayne is always in the cot while Nathan is outside the cot, when it should actually be the other way. Haha

"He he hee, I'm gonna take everything away from you," said Nathan :D

Focusing on the lighted bear's nose
101 soft toys
This is one of my favourite photos of him at ten months old. I love the way he's sitting and posing here, it's so uncle-ish. Haha ;D
Say hello to Kayleigh and Nathan! :) That's my sister-in-law's 2 year old daughter...

Haha check out Nathan's startled look. We were all actually looking at the camera but when Shayne grabbed Nathan's arm, he got all startled and couldn't focus onto the camera anymore. Haha oh well, at least I managed to capture the 3 of us before one of them runs/crawls away, which happens most of the time now...
Yay to good hair days!!! And yes, mums do take selfies too, when the kids are away. ;)
Last but definitely not least, presenting to you the ABC soup which I've learnt from my mother-in-law and cooked it all by myself last weekend! ;) There's only a tiny pinch of salt in this, the rest are all natural flavours from the corn, tomatoes, carrots, onions etc. The secret cooking tip that I've learnt from her is to first boil the pork bone for 20-30 minutes separately in another pot of water, throw away that water and use the boiled pork bone to cook with the main ingredients. This helps to prevent the bone from producing those black-ish foam remnants when it's boiled in the main pot of water with the main ingredients, you really don't want that to happen! And I'm proud to say that my ABC soup turned out well and tasted great! :D So the next time you're cooking ABC soup at home, remember to boil the pork bone separately first before putting it together with the rest. #specialcookingtipoftheday ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photos of Our Mother's Day 2015! (And a short message to my Mum)

Mother's Day Weekend

Here are a few photos of our Mother's Day weekend:

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be a mother of 2 wonderful boys.. All I can hope for is that they will grow up to be 2 gentlemen who treat women well and most importantly, respect them too.
Holding the building on my palm :P
A rare quiet moment between Papa and baby Nathan, who is growing up too quickly! Nathan is able to crawl and cruise around our house so effortlessly nowadays, and as usual, he loves to taste all kinds of food! ;)
Shayne skipping and running away, as usual. Haha
Our family's selfie! Say Cheeseee!
And a quick toilet selfie. HAHAHA.
Standing at the rooftop of the Esplanade with my family! Shayne and Nathan was so amazed by all the buildings and everything around them. It's really wonderful to observe how quickly and easily kids are amazed by the things around them. :)

Last but not least, a final photo with my two sweethearts before we called it a night. :) This is my 7th mother's day and every year, it still feels as wonderful as the previous years. I'm so grateful to have a supportive and loving husband by my side, who is also a great dad to our sons, and a hardworking business partner. Without him, I really wouldn't be as adventurous, calm or relaxed as I am today. I think I'll probably be a person who is always very serious and uptight. :P

And speaking of mother's day... my mum is a single mother and I've seen how much she has struggled, all by herself, to raise my sisters and me. And for that, I'm forever grateful to her and one million 'Thank You's can't make up for how much she has sacrificed for us. She has taught us many life lessons and one of the most memorable one to me is that we have to work hard to succeed in this chaotic and challenging world we live in. She told us never to take anything, even our loved ones, for granted because it can all disappear one day. That may be the reason why I always tell/remind my husband and sons that I love them very much before I fall asleep. Haha.

Ok I got to log off now. I'll try to update our blog soon again, byee :)

A grainy photo of my cute sisters and me! :D

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