Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart...

These were taken last December 2011. My boy still looks quite the same, only that he has grown slightly taller. Only slightly taller. He needs to eat more! But he's very very selective over his food, in other words, he's a fussy-eater. But I'd rather have a child who is a fussy-eater than one who has an insatiable appetite and gobbles down every single food in his sight! Haha.

Anyway, we rushed down to Orchard Road after work, hence the formal working outfit. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves and our son slept on the way home :)

/ps: again, the captions are 'thoughts' of my son! Haha.

"Hi, this is my Papa and Mama!"
"I shall flash a big big smile! Smileeeeee!"

<><><><><><> </>
" So many bright lights and decorations on Christmas Day! Maybe I should bring the lights, pink reindeer and big glowing Christmas Tree home... I just need to convince my Papa and Mama to agree to my plan.... "

"I'm a LION! Hear me ROOOARRRRR!!!!!"

"Ooops someone just walked past. I better stop acting fierce and be sweet and cute now."

"Oh Papa decided to join me! Let's smile together!"

"Need to find the follow the lines... Why are the lines so curvy and confusing? And they're sooo many of them!!"

"Hey Papa can we grab a bite at the restaurant over there??? I'm so hungryyy...."

"I'm gonna take a photo of Mama and me before our food arrives at our table. Say Cheeseeee!"

"I'm so tired Papa....Can we go home now?"

Till then, :)

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