Monday, July 23, 2012

My very first entry! at 4am.

It's 4am, on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Feeling slightly delirious from all the late nights, but I'm still awake, starting a new blog to document the life of my angels! (Angels- my family). This is the only time when I get to be all by myself as my family is sound asleep; I don't need to work or chase after a little boy now. :D

I'd try my very best to upload lots and lots of photos of my family, especially my son! He's growing up soooo fast, way toooo fast. He's now 3+ years old. And he's talking soooo much now. His vocabulary bank is getting better day by day. It's kinda funny and cute when he talks in proper sentences. Just a few hours ago, I asked him to sing a song with Papa, but he said, "No...Papa doesn't know the lyrics!" Haha. And last night, he asked my mother ,"What's a M.O.?" He must have overheard the conversation between my Mum and my elder sister, who is a Medical Officer (M.O.). Haha.

Sometimes, I do miss the times when he was just a small little baby... I could even just hold and lift him up with one arm! Back then, he would always love to snuggle and lie on top of my chest before falling asleep and would never allow me to put him down even after he's fast asleep. If I laid him down on his bed, he would immediately wake up and start crying loudly!

Now, he sleeps on his own bed and doesn't need to lie down on my chest before falling asleep. But, he still needs someone to sleep beside him, to give him a sense of security, I guess. :)

Ok shall sleep now, night <3

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