Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Good Day for Me and You...

" Oh Hello there! Good Morning, I need to get ready for school now. I can't wait to see and play with my friends! "
"Ok I'm dressed up and ready for school now! Can you bring me to school now?"
" Oh sudden kiss from Mama! Mama, you are squishing my nose! I can't see! "
"Ok that's enough of photo-taking! I shall grab your camera with my swift arms! Muahahaha"
"Ok I'm back from school! Hey! You're taking another photo me again!!!"
"Mama and Papa bought for me my favourite ice-cream! It's the BEST ice-cream in the world. I eat this almost every week!"
" Yum yum yum....Mama is mixing all the colourful candy sprinkles with the ice-cream. I can't wait to eat it...."
" I will gobble it down now!! C'mon ice-cream, you belong in my stomach!! Muahahaha...."
"Oh yummy yummy... this is really good..... I can't stop eating...."
" Eating all those delicious ice-cream makes me feel like dancing now! Are my break-dancing skills getting better??? C'mon, dance with me!"

Till then,  :)

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