Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts of a 3 year old child

My husband brought our child to the Singapore Zoo a few months ago and he took so many pictures and videos of him! Thanks for bringing him out, so that I could spend some one-to-one time with my sister. :)
These are some of the photos taken that day at the Singapore Zoo by my husband, and the thoughts of a 3 year old child at the Singapore Zoo! Haha. Enjoy!
" Oh Hello!!! I'm at the Singapore Zoo!!!"

"Just chilling out while a tiger attacks me from behind......"
" Aaahhhh!!! The creature is coming towards my body! It's going through me!!"

"So... they actually live without beds and TV???"

" Who is that girl beside me and what is she doing here??? Nevermind, I shall continue posing and pretend that it's all cool..."

"Gotta pose and act dreamy and cool at the same time....I'm getting the hang of it now..."

"Hello Mr Horse Trainer! Thank you for allowing me to sit on your lovely horse!"

"Watch me!! I'm actually riding a horse!!"

"Hello Good-Looking!"

"Ok gotta act dreamy and cool again...I shall face to the right since the horse is facing to the right too. Whew, this takes skills."

"So thirsty, I need to drink this bottle of red-colour juice..... Anyway, what am I exactly drinking??? Nevermind, I'm too thirsty, I shall continue drinking this unknown red juice..."

"It's time to feed the giraffes!!! The carrots look good... I'm getting quite hungry now..."

"I can't wait to feed the giraffe with this juicy orange carrots.. Feeling excited and nervous... I hope it doesn't grab my fingers or hand!"

"Ok here goes nothing!!! A carrot for you Mr Giraffe!!"

"Wow that's a long tongue!!!!!"

"Hope you enjoyed your carrots!!! See you soon Mr Giraffe!"
" Need my bed and pillow....."


While they were at the Zoo, I was spending time with my sister:

Ok, off to work now, Byebye! Till then,  :)

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