Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 Things I Haven't Done Yet (That Many Others My Age Have)

Saw a similar titled article from ThoughtCatalog and I got inspired to write about this too.

So, These are the 10 things I haven't done yet (that many others my age, 20+, have):

1) Smoke A Cigarette.
I'm really really anti-smoking. Do you know that first-hand smokers take in only 20% of the harmful substances in the cigarettes, while second-hand smokers take in 80% of it?? That's totally unfair. I can list out 100 more reasons on why smoking is bad for you and your loved ones, but that's another whole new topic...

2) Thrown Up from Drinking Too Much Alcohol.
It's very unsightly when a lady overdrinks and then proceeds to throw up and vomit her guts out. Very unsightly. My mother has taught us (my sisters and I) that a lady must always control herself from over-drinking. It's ok to drink and have fun, but it's definitely not ok when you're drunk and vomitting all over the place.

Most importantly, you don't want someone to take horrible photos of you being seriously drunk and puking. Picture this- when you wake up the next day, hangover and all, and log onto your Facebook account (because that's all you can do the next hangover-day), you see those disgusting photos of you being red-faced, drunk, vomitting and passed out. Eeeewww.

No one wants that to happen to themselves right?? (unless you're a serious attention-seeker who doesn't mind such photos.)

3) Gotten a Tattoo.
Every now and then, I see a beautiful tattoo picture and seriously think of getting it inked onto my skin. However when I think of the pain (I know nothing is as painful as childbirth, but still!) and my old wrinkly 60 year old skin with that tattoo, I end up holding off that idea.

4) Drive a Car.
I've not gotten my driving license and don't intend to get one anytime soon because....... I'm scared of driving. I'm afraid that I will cause an accident or get into an accident. My partner drives very well; he's able to immediately avoid vehicles which make a sudden swerve. He's even calm and cool when that happens. I know I can never drive like that, I will definitely make a sudden brake, or just let that car crash onto me.

5) Watched a complete TV drama series, from the 1st episode to the last.
I have watched a few drama series, but I never knew what happened to the characters in the end. So I just wonder what happened to them, while watching another drama series. And the same cycle and thought goes on for the next drama series...

6) Swim Properly.
I have never taken proper swimming classes. I don't know how to do the breast-stroke, back-stroke and the other 100 'professional' strokes. The only stroke I know, and use to swim, is the frog-stroke. You just kick your legs and move your hands like a frog. The key thing is to stay afloat and move at the same time right?? My frog-stroke is good enough for me :D

7) Cycle.
I can't cycle; I can't balance on a bicycle. I'm not going to defend myself for this. Moving on.....

8) Got Lost.
I've never been lost in a shopping mall, a foreign country or anywhere else. I hope this doesn't happen to me in the future.

9) Been scolded by The Boss. Or Backstabbed by Colleagues.
This is something that I never want to experience. I'm fortunate for not being to experience the ugly side of the working life. For those who have experienced this, start your own business and you'll never have to experience this! Haha. I'm very sure that no one in my company talks sh*t about each other and that's something I want to maintain forever. No ugly politics in my company :)

10) Cheated In A Relationship.
I'm happy and proud to say that I've never cheated in my relationship, and I'm very sure that my partner hasn't done that to me too. :)

If you're deciding to cheat on your partner, or have already done so, just break up with your partner right now. People who cheat know that they're jeopardising their current relationship and at the back of the head, they believe it's worth it. Some people cheat because "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission" and that's just horrible. I'll never want to be that selfish person.

So these are my "10 things I haven't done yet (that many others my age have)". What's yours? :)

Btw here's Shayne and I wishing you peace! Check out his awkward smile. Haha.

Till then,  :)


  1. I totally know how you feel about the car thing. I am so scared to drive--I just let my husband do it all! I'd rather ride my bike, walk or take the bus.

    Safety first, right people!

  2. i've never smoken either. but sometimes i feel like i have because of all the smokers in europe

    1. Ohh that's bad :( try to stay away from the cigarette smoke, it's vr harmful..

  3. Wow I actually haven't done all of these too, I'm proud to say. I have to drive though, I would go crazy if I couldn't but I get the being afraid.

    1. Glad to know tt I'm not the only one who is afraid of driving :D

  4. what a clever post! and you are just too cute! and i'm right there with you girl! i see some really cute tattoos, but i know i will never have the courage to go through with it. oh well, i'll just settle with temporary tattoos. ha
    xo TJ

    1. Haha some temporary tattoos r really nice too!

  5. be glad you haven't done those things. they are over-rated.

  6. Hi marie! I ran into your blog somehow, and have to tell you how cute your little family is! And you're so pretty, girl! :) Glad to read your entries! I think a lot of things you listed on here that you haven't done is great because you haven't done them!Good for you on a lot of them :)
    I enjoyed reading your list! :) Look forward to reading more from you!

  7. Haha you are too cute! I feel like I have done almost all these things except that I also can't swim well and I havent cheated. Otherwise, done them all!

    1. Haha glad to know tt i'm not the only one who can't swim well :D


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