Friday, August 24, 2012

I Love Your Flaws.

A 'Love Letter' To My Son:

I love how you mispronounce your words.
Like how you say "people" as "pee-pol". Sometimes, you'll struggle to pronounce your words and fumble while speaking. But you never stop speaking and love to talk, even if some words are pronounced wrongly.

I love how you confuse yourself with words.
Like how you say "there are many passengers in NTUC" and then get irritated when we tell you that it should be "customers" and not "passengers".
When you're angry, you'll shout, "I'm so Active!!" when it should be "I'm so Angry!!".
And when you want to follow somebody, you'll say, "You must follow me!" and then proceed to follow that person. Haha, the irony of it.

I love how you try to join in an adult-conversation.
When Papa and Mama are talking to each other, we secretly notice that now and then, you'll nod your head in agreement and act as if you understand the topic of the conversation. And when we laugh, you'll join in our laughter too.

I love how you snore at night.
Sometimes, it gets really loud and I wonder how can a little cute boy produce such a loud manly snore. To make things worse, your Papa will also snore loudly and I'm stuck in the bedroom with 2 snoring boys. But I'd rather be surrounded by snores from my 2 favourite boys, than to be surrounded by silence.

I love how you always decline having rice.
Or sometimes, you vehemently reject having rice. You hated rice ever since you were a few months old. We asked you why, and you said that it's "not nice". It's true, rice is really tasteless and bland. It will never be as delicious as a hot plate of spaghetti covered in sweet tomato sauce, or a bowl of piping hot golden fries, both of which you tremendously love and will eat whole-heartedly.

I love how you can't dance or sing at all.
Most importantly, I love how enthusiastic you are when you sing and dance, like there's no tomorrow. It's like you don't know how terrible you are, which is terribly adorable and endearing.

I love how you look when you are angry.
I love to see your cheeks flushing red with anger, steam coming out from your ears, and how you shout "Aiyah! I'm so Active!" when everyone asks you to calm down.
Today, you angrily insisted on going to the female washroom with me and Papa couldn't stop you. So, we went in the toilet cubicle together and by then, you had already calmed down. Just after I had locked the cubicle's door, you told me softly that you "want to be with me forever". And I smiled at you, while you quietly looked down at the floor.

I love all your flaws, everyone of them.
I accept and love your imperfections because it reminds me just how human and real you are. You and I will never be perfect and that's ok. We're humans and not perfect photographs, illusions or figures.You and I have our own imperfections, our unique imperfections.

Most of all, I accept and love your flaws because if there's one thing I (as a mother) can do perfectly, it's to love you. To love you whole-heartedly, your flaws and all.

Till then, :)


  1. awww.. this is such a sweet posts, your son is so lucky to have you as his mother :) thanks alot for sharing this beautiful letter to us! XO

  2. this was the most precious thing i have read in a very long time. i love that you wrote that you accept him and all of his flaws. something i think we all have to remember with those that we love. beautiful!
    xo TJ


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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