Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm too cool for school. And you're too cool for work.

Blast from the Past!

Was looking at all the photos in my laptop and I found these precious photos. This was the first time that Shayne visited the zoo. His second trip to the Zoo (which can be found here) was a few months after this.

These photos were taken about a year ago, when he was 2 years old. He definitely looks more mature and is taller now :)

Enjoy the photos and again, the captions are Shayne's 'thoughts' :D

"Hi! I don't have to go to school today because Papa and Mama decided to bring me to the Singapore Zoo! This is my too-cool-for-school look. It's almost perfect, right?"

"Ahh Papa is losing grip and I'm starting to slip down. This is sooo uncomfortable. Can we just enter in the Zoo now???"

"Finally, we're in the Zoo! Eat this leaf Mr Goat, it's good for you! Erm... I'm trying not to be rude, but why is your nose so big?"
"Come here Mr Goat with huge horns, try to reach my leaf! You can do it!! Just a little bit more...."
"Oh Wow! That's a biggg mushroom! It must be real, right??"
"The dog's fur is so soft and white...I like it so much.  But why doesn't it want to look at me?"
"'s time to take a rest. Eh wait a minute... is that my friend??? Isn't he suppose to be in school?"

"Ohhh that's not my friend. That boy just looks like my friend. What a coincidence...Oh, Papa said that it's time for lunch now!"

"Gulp gulp gulp.... I'm soo thirsty. I love Pepsi and Coke so much, but the gas in my drink is making it kinda difficult to drink quickly..."

"Mama and Papa said that we have to walk after a heavy meal but I'm too full to walk...  Luckily, I'm still small, so Papa is able to carry me around!"
"Papa said that we'll be going to the souvenir shop and that there's a cool dark room in the shop!"

"Oh my goodness, everything is glowing in the dark room! How is that possible?!"

"Check out the glowing egg! It's a smiling glowing egg!"

"Oh Papa said that we have to return home now... Goodbye animals, goodbye glowing toys, we'll see you soon again. I'll miss you..."
Papa and Shayne did return to the Zoo a second time (link) and he enjoyed himself, a lot :)
Btw, I had a good hair-day a few days ago and forced my partner to take a photo of me and my good well-behaved hair! Haha.
It's a Good Hair-Day @ Work :D

However, I'm going to get my hair straightened soon. So it's byebye to my current wavy hair, and hello straight hair!

Till then, :)

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