Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo Galore: My Son Is Getting Married!

I never thought I'll see my son walking down the wedding aisle, holding another girl's hand, at such a young age...
Okok... Actually, Shayne was the flower/wedding boy for his Godmother's (who is my very good friend!) wedding. Haha, he's too young to get married!
It was a really lovely wedding-day. It took a place few months ago, enjoy these photos!

"Papa is taking a photo of me! I gotta look cool for the camera. Check out my crisp black suit and clean white shoes! I'm going to be the flower-boy for my Godma's wedding, how cool is that?!"

"Ah sudden hug from Mama's sister! I must control my laughter, I still gotta look cool! I cannot smile too wide..."

"Huh?! Wait... Is that girl trying to hug me??? Who is she???"

"Sudden hug from a girl!"

"Ohhh... Papa said that she's the flower-girl and we'll be walking side-by-side, together down the wedding aisle. We need to hold each other's hands too! I've never held a girl's hand before.. this is my first time!"

" The wedding ceremony is about to start! We gotta get ready now! Erm the girl is still hugging me... "

"Wow, the wedding aisle is so big and long. Wish me luck!"
"Mama and Papa want to take a family photo together but I'm feeling so shy... "
 (Failed Family Photo No. 1)

"I gotta still look cool for the camera. I cannot smile, a man doesn't smile when he's wearing a suit right??"
(Failed Family Photo No. 2)

"Oh the camera-man asked me to smile. Ok, I shall smile, but only for a second."
(Success! Family Photo No. 3)

"So.... I gotta listen to the music and walk according to it. It can't be that difficult right?? I'm feeling so nervous now."

"I'm finally walking down the aisle!! That's Papa, Me, The Flower-girl and her Mama. I hope I don't fall... I must walk according to the rhythm of the wedding music. Not too fast or slow. Whew, this is not easy."

"Hey, my Mama is just right behind me! She's walking down the aisle too!"

"Ok, we are reaching the end now. Slow and steady.. slow and steady. I cannot run at the end..."

"Whew it has been a long day. I'm sooo tired.... But it's now time for part 2- the wedding dinner!"

That was my friend's wedding which took a place a few months ago. It was the first time that Shayne wore a new black blazer and black pants. I'll be lying if I said that I knew all along that Shayne would be a good well-behaved wedding boy. I had this slight fear that he'll a) run down the aisle, leaving the wedding girl behind him, b) refuse to walk down the aisle at all, c) cry while walking, or d) cry and run away, leaving everyone in a state of panic.

But! Shayne was a really good wedding boy! :) I felt so proud of him and my heart was leaping with joy when I saw him walking down the aisle calmly, holding hands with the little wedding girl. It was a lovely and sweet sight, watching the both of them holding hands and walking together, as if they had rehearsed many times before. And, I never thought I'll see my child walking down the aisle at such a young age. Haha.

So, if you're getting married and need a wedding boy, Shayne will be the perfect one for you :D

Till then, :)


  1. Awww! He's adorable!! Little kids are so cute at weddings! :)

    Alexandria -

  2. Oh isn't that the cutest.. and that little girl is all over him

    1. Haha! Both of them were so co-operative that day :)

  3. He is super cute! The wedding looks beautiful!!!

  4. what a beautiful couple they make ;)
    xo TJ

  5. How incredibly adorable. They make a lovely couple. :) Everyone looks great.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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