Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Video: My 3 Year Old Drove a Car and Got Into a Car Crash!

This 'car accident' happened a year ago, hence Shayne looked really young and small. I think the other parent was kinda annoyed by the 'crash'. Haha.

Anyway, these are some photos taken of him on that day (a year ago from now) :

He looked so young back then! Chubby cheeks and cute pursed lips! :D

Yup, Shayne may be a young but he's able to drive on his own. He's a skilled driver ;)
Oh, there's a bus behind him? It's ok, the bus can wait and drive slowly behind him. You must never horn at a young child....

Ok...his Papa was actually controlling his car the entire time. Haha. But Shayne would have been a great driver! 

After a few minutes, we decided it's time to switch things up. Let's change cars!

Now this car looks better and faster! C'mon, Let's Go!!!

Look at how excited Shayne is! But that excitement didn't last very long......

Because another accident was just round the corner! And this time, there were two of them charging towards him!

Haha. If case you're wondering, nothing happened after this. The other little driver managed to 'swerve' and avoid hitting small little Shayne. Whew.

Btw, we returned to the same shopping centre the following week but to our disappointment, they no longer had this renting of 'small cars' for young children anymore! We were soooo crushed, especially Shayne. If you do know of any shopping centre or place that has this rental of 'small cars' for young children, please let me know! We're still trying to find one. He really loved 'driving' those cars, but hasn't been able to do so after that day :(

Till then, :)


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