Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Deny It, You Know You Think About It Everyday..

It's Ice-Cream! :D

ABC's of Ice-Cream
Are there any other words or sayings you can think of that matches an alphabet? ;)
A-  Addictive
B – Brain freeze
C – Creamy/ Childhood treat
D – Delicious
E – Everyone loves it!
F – Frozen
G – Generous helping
H – Hard to improve
I – Icy
J – Just the right kind
K – Keep it coming
L – Lickable
M – Melts quickly
N – Novelties
O – Own box
P – Popular
Q – Quickly devoured
R – Refreshing
S – Soft/ Sweet
T – Tempting therapy
U – Universal appeal
V – Vanilla bean
W – Waffle cone
X – Xtra scoop
Y – Yummyyy
Z – Zero competition

3 Easy Steps on How To Enjoy Your Ice-Cream:
Step 1 : scoop up the ice-cream onto your spoon

Step 2: Make sure the ice-cream doesn't fall off from your spoon!

Step 3: Eat the ice-cream. Enjoy!!
Guess which song was he singing to? ;)

Till then, :)

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