Friday, August 10, 2012

Why did you have to leave me?

Short story of the day Shayne's new best friend left him....
"Hey Mama let me down! I wanna touch that big white cute furry monster!"
"Aawww... its so soft and cuddly. I wanna bring it home... I know we'll be best friends! My cute cuddly best friend..."

"We are best friends right? We'll play and have so much fun together!"
"Noooo...don't let go of my hand. Best friends don't do that. Hold my hand again, please?"

"Papa, can you take a photo of my new best friend and me?"

"Yay! I'm so happy to be with my new best friend! I shall ask him to play with me later!"

"Mama is talking to me but I can't stop thinking of my new best friend. My best friend has left me... Where can he be??? I hope to see him one day...."

"Huh, is that my best friend over there? Why is he walking away from me???"

"Hey Papa, do you think my best friend is hungry? Maybe we should find him and share our sandwich with him! It's getting so dark now...hopefully he hasn't gone back home to sleep."

"Wait Papa! You're moving too fast, I can't keep up with you! I can't even see you!!!"

"This is our plan Papa- you'll keep an eye on the right, and I'll keep an eye on the left. Let me know when you see him ok?"

"Mama is trying to make me forget about my new missing best friend but it's not working....I miss him, I hope I'll see him one day.... "

"Mama is showing me Tom and Jerry. Thanks Mama, for trying to make me feel better. I guess I have to find another best friend now...."

"Hmmm? An unknown number is calling me? Who can it be??"

"Oh it's my white cuddly best friend! I'm so happyyy!!!"
" had a bad tummy ache? No wonder you had to leave...take care of yourself ok? You must drink more water and rest early. Byebye :) "
"I can now sleep with no worries.... My best friend and I will see each other again, maybe in our dreams...."

So, that was a short story of Shayne and his 'new best friend'. Haha, I wonder if he'll still remember that big white furry monster when he grows up. Haha.

Anyway, here are some photos taken on National Day. We spent our evening and night watching the fighter planes performing different stunts in the sky, and of course, the fireworks. We took a few videos of the fireworks, might upload them soon!

Singapore Flyer- $30/adult and one full 360 ride lasts for 30 minutes. You get to see the overview of Singapore. It's best to take this during the night as the night view of Singapore is much nicer as compared to the day view.

Our flag in the sky! Happy National Day :)

Till then, :)


  1. haha, him and his best friend are just perfect together. love this!
    xo TJ

    1. Haha thank you :) there were so many other children taking photos with the white monster too. Shayne had to force his way in. Lol.

  2. such a cute story! =)

    If you like it, follow my blog about life and fashion in LA, on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments, so that I can follow you back ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. I just followed you on Bloglovin! Not sure you can see. I am your 1st follower ;)

      LA By Diana Live Magazine

    2. Yup! thanks for following me :)

  3. amazing and lovely photos!

  4. hahaha!! I can spot that cute lil koala bag! - Caresse

    1. He carries it all the time! He loves it :)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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