Monday, September 3, 2012

5 Art Pieces That Can Never Be Done By Us Adults (and that includes you and me)

Presenting to you.....

5 Original Art Pieces Done By My 3 Year Old Son

"A Happy Humpty Dumpty"
(You gotta smile and enjoy life before it's too late, right?)

"Angry House"
(Why should houses be painted of the same colour? It should be bright & colourful! And roofs should be inverted!)

"My Family"
(Papa is stressed and has white hair, Mama is shocked and has pink hair, I am smiling and wearing a cool red hat!)

"Flower for Mother's Day"
(Who says petals need to be of the same colour?)

"A Happy Rainbow Man"
(This is Mama's personal favourite among all :))

Btw, all the titles of his artwork were named by him. I asked him what were the titles of the drawings or art pieces, and he told me the titles. I'm extremely bad in art, so I'm glad that my child has some creativity in him. :D

Till then, :)

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