Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 Things That You Think Are Incredibly Sexy...But Are Not!

Decided to write this as I was bored and I don't know what to blog about. Been suffering from Mental Blog lately. (Get it??? Haha! Ok, lame.)
Anyway presenting to you,

8 Things That You Think Are Incredibly Sexy... But Are Not!

1. Smoking.
You may feel sexy initally, but after let's say 10 years, you will definitely not look sexy anymore.

Even makeup can't cover that many wrinkles and sagged skin.
Say Hello to your brand new set of teeth!
And imagine kissing out partner with your new set of 'sexy' teeth!
2. All-over body tans (until you turn orange).
There's a fine line between looking golden-tan, and looking like you rolled in doritos.
'Sexy-Orange' tan?

3. Over-grooming. And Under-grooming.
To the ladies: You don't need to spend the entire night tweezing your eye-brows, but that it doesn't hurt to tweeze them once in a while. To the men: Please do not over-tweeze your eyebrows, please.
"I'm suppose to shave my sexy moustache??"

4. A man holding a lady's handbag or purse.
To the ladies: Please do not force your man to carry your handbag or purse. It just looks silly for the both of you.
5. Spraying too much perfume or cologne on yourself.
It's always better to under-spray, than to over-spray.
No, you're just making it worse.

6. Telling Others How Busy or Important You Are.
Pretty soon, no one will bother contacting you anymore.

7. Telling Others About Your Oh-So-Intensive Gym Workout.
And by telling, I mean boasting. Like every, single day and minute.
8. Acting Sexy.
Big Major Turn-Off, especially when you're erm, not good-looking.
Yup, you're wayyy too sexy for me. You're sexy and you know it!
So, what is one thing that everyone thinks is incredibly sexy, except you? :D
Till then, :)


  1. UGH! "Messy buns" drive me nuts. Wash your hair and style it. Show the world you aren't too lazy for proper hygiene.

  2. Yes to all of these! Specially the "important" one. Grrr!

  3. Haha oh my goodness this is hilarious! I was born and raised in the bay area, so when people call San Francisco, "San Fran" or "Frisco," it really drives me up the wall. It basically labels you as a tourist everywhere you go ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This gave me a good laugh this morning! haha, thanks for posting this:)

  6. hahah love this, it's so cute! feel free to enter my giveaway-- 2 pairs of betsey johnson earrings :)

  7. Oh gosh, nothing is worse than putting too much perfume or cologne on. Can't stand it!!!
    xo TJ

  8. Hahahah you're hilarious. Nice list!


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