Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby, why do you keep using that word?

Lately, my son has a huge fascination with buses and trains. And he can't stop saying the word 'jam-packed'. It's his favourite word right now. Don't ask me why... When we're out and near a road, this conversation would usually take place:

Son: Mama, is the bus jam-packed?
Me: I'm not very sure...
Son: Wait, let me check.

*stretches out his neck and looks at the bus, while the bus drives away*

Son: Yes, it's a little jam-packed.
Me: Yes, it's a little crowded. You can use the word 'crowded' Shayne.
Son: Ok.

*another bus drives past us*

Son: Mama, is that bus jam-packed?
Me: I think so. Shayne, you can use the word crowded.
Son: Ok. Is the bus jam-packed? I think it's a little jam-packed. Why is it a little jam-packed?
Me: The bus is slightly crowded because most people are either at work or at school...
Son: Oh, why are they at work or school? Is the school jam-packed?
Me: Erm I think so. Shayne, you can say 'crowded' or 'filled with people'. You don't have to use the word jam-packed all the time.
Son: Ok.

*again, another bus drives past us*
(and not surprisingly......)

Son: Mama, is the bus jam-packed?
Me: Shayne, why do you keep using that word jam-packed???
Son (ignores my question): Yes, it looks jam-packed! The bus is jam-packed Mama. It's jam-packed right???

*and he looks at the bus in awe and wonder, as it drives past us...*

*and I look at him and wonder why he loves that word 'jam-packed' so much*

I guess every child has his favourite word, right? Or is it just my son? Whenever he says the word 'jam-packed', he'll pronounce it really clearly and it's obvious that he loves to use that word.

And, he loves bus-rides. He'll get very excited when he's on a bus. It's kinda amusing and adorable to see him get all excited and saying the words "is the bus jam-packed???" when the bus arrives at the bus-stop. Haha. I can't wait for the day when he takes his first bus ride to school. I can already imagine him smiling from ear to ear when he's sitting on the bus with his friends (and annoying his friends with the "is the bus jam-packed?" question). Haha.

"YAYY!!! The bus is jam-packed!!!"

Haha. Ok I'll stop saying those words. Till then, :)

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