Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ssshh...Don't tell my mother what I've just done.

 A Toddler, A Handphone and No Parental Guidance = A Beautiful Mess of Self Portraits

1. My kid sees my handphone on the table, unattended.

2. Gets excited. Really excited.

3. Takes my phone off the table, without any hesitation.

4. Fumbles with the applications and Tada! He realises that he is on camera.

5. Starts snapping photos of himself. Non-stop. Many many photos of himself.

6. Gets tired and bored of snapping photos.

7. Places my phone back on the table and walks away.

8. Soon, I walk towards the table and retrieve my phone.

9. Browse through my gallery and realise that there are many self-portraits of my kid.

10. Majority of them are bad, really bad. They're blurry, distorted and some photos don't even look human. They just look.... weird.

So what did I do? I deleted all of them, except for 2. (At least I saved 2 of them!)

Presenting to you...His 2 self-shot photos:

A Very Happy 3 Year Old Kid :D

Till then, :)


  1. Too funny! He did a nice job on those two! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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