Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ever Wondered How I Got These Scars?

Guessed who said that line? He also said that famous line "Why So Serious?"

Yup you guessed it right. The Joker.

Ok I was just surfing the net and chanced upon these Joker quotes. Yes, we all know that he's an extremely evil villain in the movie, but to my surprise, he actually did say some stuff which are real and honest. And one of the quotes hit me really hard.

I'm not saying that you should look up to him as your role model, please do not do that! What I'm trying to say is that despite all his evilness, he's actually a really authentic person, who unfortunately, has been jaded by society and his own childhood. Here's a short background of The Joker:

" The Joker was a sociopath or a psychopath. A sociopath being more the result of environment, a psychopath more leaning toward hereditary. He has no personal loyalties, no concious, & is believed by many to be an anarchic atheist with no morals or respect for laws to restrain him.

He's a sadomasochist; he enjoys pain. Batman is the only vigilante who refuses to kill, he even rescues the Joker on occasions. Batman will never kill the Joker because Batman doesn't believe in killing people. On top of that, the Joker would kill anyone who dared kill Batman, because to him, he is the only one allowed to someday have that honor.

The Joker said that Batman is his opposite and that he never stops being fun to tourment. Furthemore, he knows that Batman is just as crazy as the rogues in Arkham & would love to see him snap one day. In the comics, the Joker knows Batman's identity, but regards Bruce as a false personality. "Batman is his true face" is what he always says. "

Presenting to you...
Top 5 Quotes from the Joker himself

(btw I didn't include that famous "Why So Serious?" quote. It's a great quote, but everyone knows that already...)

Ok I kinda cheated, this quote isn't from the Joker himself, it's from Heath Ledger. Nevertheless, it's still a great quote (from a great actor).

The last line "I just want to stay curious" is something we as adults had failed to do so once we're all grown up. Back then, we were young, curious and even fearless. But sadly, we somehow lost that when we grew up... We became scared of trying out new things; we would think of how others would view us, and so many other factors that we lose that "let's just give it a try" ability in us. Ever since I had my son, I realised how curious and fearless he was in trying out new things, and it reminded me that I should just be like that too. Curious and inquisitive.

Btw, I'm still editing the birthday video and photos of Shayne's birthday celebration at school. (Part 1 of his celebration can be found here). I will upload Part 2 tonight or lastet, tomorrow!

Till then, :)


  1. The joker is so scary! Heath Ledger plays him brilliantly.

    "Why so serious?"....eeek!

    Great post!

    Sarah XxX

    1. yup he played the role of The Joker brilliantly :)

  2. he was phenomenal! love that movie it never gets old!



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