Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Special Sneak Peek of my home and family (Part 2)

From this.... (I'm the one with the white dress)
To this! (from left to right: Me, younger sis, elder sis)
Mother's Day gift which all 3 of us sisters gave to my amazing mum :)
Shayne's Favourite Toy

Our Bedroom Wall.
When Shayne was 1 years old :)
That's me whizzing past the living and being silly! (photo snapped by my partner)
Haha whizzing past again...
Shayne's play area.
A very serious cook.
Explaining his meal-of-the-day.
Pan-fried grapes are part of the meal ;)
And.... a slice of cake cooked over the stove. Yum!
Ta-dah! Presenting to you his special cake, with a deep-fried chicken drumlet in the middle of it. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek (Part 3) will be coming up soon! Sneak Peek (Part 1) can  be found here ;)

Till then, :)

UPDATE: I've just changed my blog's layout and added 2 new pages (About Us and Advertise With Us). Do check them out. Thank you!


  1. love the white floors!
    ps. did you figure out how to follow? There should be a follow button on the right side of my blog!

  2. You always have the cutest pictures! Love this!!!
    xo TJ

  3. love those pictures of you whizzing by! that's what most pictures of mothers would look like if we snapped them during the day, i think! ;) cute blog!

  4. Did you make that first frame with the seashells? totally cool. And you look cute as a little girl :)

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