Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Special Sneak Peek of my home and family (Part 3)

Shayne's sticker album, which is half-filled with stickers. I used to have so many sticker albums when I was young! :D
His favourite stickers- cars/buses/trains etc.
Our bedroom's huge bookshelf!
Shayne shoved this drum to his Papa and ran away. Haha.

Yes... that's me without any makeup on at 12 midnight.
Duck Lips!!!
Hahahaha I was bored and decided to 'pick on' my little boy.
Soon, I was VERY bored and decided to 'eat' my little boy!
That's what mothers do when they're bored right?? HAHAHA :D
End of the Sneak Peek series. Hope you enjoyed looking at every one of them!
Sneak Peek (Part 1) can be found here, Sneak Peek (Part 2) can be found here.
 Till then, :)


  1. I always love your family photos! I could take pictures of little feet all day long haha!


    swaney e

  2. sush a handsome family you have!!

  3. You are a doll! Thanks for the sneak peek!! Cute!

  4. Hi Marie :) Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've just started following you. Yay! Your little boy is so sweet and wow! How beautiful do you look with no make up on?!

  5. Too cute!
    You are all beautiful!

    If you follow me, I said, I'm back

  6. Love the feet pictures.. so sweet! Shark attacks are the greatest and create the best giggles:)

  7. These are the cutest photos ever!

    Your family is absolutely adorable!!!!

    Best wishes,

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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