Monday, October 1, 2012

It doesn't matter if you're black or white

Presenting to you...

Our 2 New Black & White Bunnies!!!

His 'don't mess with me' look. Haha.
Brothers for life :)))

The black bunny is slightly bigger and its ear are longer too. He's the active one and behaves like a 'big brother' towards the other little bunny.

The white bunny is slightly smaller and its ears are shorted too. He's the introvert and quieter one. He loves to curl up in a cute little ball..

And lastly... a video featuring the 2 cutest bunnies in the whole wide world!!

Our 2 new bunnies are so cute, right??? (You better say yes. Haha.)

They're dwarf bunnies and are only 2 months old. They have been together since Day 1, before we bought them from the pet shop. All of us, including Shayne, love them so much! :) They're sooo small and adorable! I can't stop looking at them whenever I reach home, they're soooo cuteeee!!! They're so close to one another and never fight at all, although they're both males.

Ok I shall stop now. Haha. Till then, :)


  1. Cute bunnies!! Have fun with them :)

    <3 Josephine

  2. So cute!! I can't handle it! I used to have a couple bunnies back in the day and they were so adorable!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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