Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our 4 year old conquered the hill! Yay!

Our Sunday Hike

YAY!!! We Did It!!

We Conquered The Hill! Yay!

Candid Photo taken by Shayne. (I think I was talking? Haha)
This photo was taken by Shayne! :))

Ok as you can see, Shayne didn't exactly climb up the hill all by himself, he got some help from his Papa. Haha. He didn't complain much and persevered till the end, until we reach the summit! Hikers who walked past us were either stunned or surprised by him. He was the youngest hiker climbing up the hill and I'm proud to say that he is a great hiker; lots of stamina and perseverance from our little boy. I'm a proud mama of an amazing little trooper!

The hike was completed in about 3 hours and we were all so sweaty after the hike. Shayne's shoes were so dirty at the end of our hike (as seen here), and Papa actually wore slippers. Nonetheless we had a great time and it's really a great inexpensive family outing! 

We brought our boy to the hill because we wanted to show our boy that our country isn't just filled with tall buildings, shopping malls, and other urbanised buildings. So many parents only bring their children to shopping malls or restaurants during family outings, and spend so much money! We didn't want to be those type of parents. We wanted, and still want, to show Shayne that there's more to life than skyscrapers and other man-made structures. Hopefully he'll also learn to appreciate Mother Earth more after looking at all the beautiful trees, leaves and green scenery.

Till then, :)

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  1. you have a beautiful family!


  2. Your family is beautiful!! Shayne is a great photography ^-^


  3. This is such a great family accomplishment. It's times like these that bring families together and make memories :)


    swaney e

  4. looks like you guys had so much fun! :-)


  5. I love your approach towards your city and your boy. It is great you are showing him the lovely nature.
    Your little one is a climbing champion :) And your husband or course, for climbing successfully in those flip flops hehe

  6. Beautiful! You live in such a gorgeous place and you have a beautiful little family! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. it´s a perfect and smart combination of style and very goo taste.

  8. Nice job Shane! he looks pretty proud of himself haha. I can't believe you live here... so pretty!

  9. Wow! Look at that lush vegetation! Way to go, Shayne!

  10. beautiful photos!!!! I love love them :) Your son is just incredibly gorgeous!!!

    Are we following each other???? If not, lets do it :)

  11. This looks like so much fun!! Your son is adorable :)

  12. looks like an amazing outing.
    I'm your newest follower!
    follow eachother?

  13. I'm from Singapore too, happy cute family! :)


  14. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog <3 u are such a young mommy :)


  15. Aw, he did it! And he looks so proud!
    xo TJ

  16. looks like you guys had a great time

  17. Wow, 3 hours! Crazy! My kid is SO not the hiking type. She wants to be held constantly. She doesn't even like strollers too much so a hike isn't on my to do list. It looks like you guys had a great time and the sites look lovely!

  18. Impressive! Did I mention he's adorable?

  19. I love the pictures! It's so cute how your son looks like a mini-version of his dad, they even have similar clothes on :D I think it's great you take him on trips like that, it's very important for kids :)

  20. what lovely photos <3 would you like to follow each other?

  21. How beautiful! Your little family is adorable!


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