Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's a very special day today because.....



Dear Sharon, 

Thank you for being such a great sister. You've always been there for me, and even though I may irritate you at times (like nagging at you for wearing my clothes without asking me, when in fact I do the exact same thing to you. Ha!), I still want you to know that I love you very very much. You've been my pillar of strength and support for these past 20 over years, and I'm extremely thankful for having you as my sister. Even though you're my younger sister, you were always there for me when I was being bullied back then. You would stand up for me, and even defend me, despite being younger and smaller in size.

You were also the first person whom I announced my pregnancy to, and I still remember that moment vividly.

On a lighter note, when we were 10 years old, we would watch many episodes of "Hey Arnold!" cartoon tv shows till 4am, and fell asleep in the same bedroom after that. We were such sneaky little children, watching tv till 4am. ;)

So once again, Happy Birthday Dearest Sharon Sis! I love you very much, till death do us part. (ok that sounds creepy, but it's true, right??)

Your sister, Marie :)

Some photos of us during Lady Gaga's concert (taken a few months ago)
Sorry for the blurry photos, my hands were kinda shaky as I was too excited.

My very happy and excited sister :D

Happy Birthday Sharon! 
May you enjoy your special day with lots of love and laughter.

Till then, :)


  1. Happy birthday to your sister! I can tell you two really love each other :)

  2. What a sweet post! A very happy birthday to your sister! You two look so much alike, both so gorgeous ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous sister! xo

  4. Oh that Lady Gaga concert looks so fun! Happy Birthday to your sis!


  5. Aw you are a sweet sister =) I've always wanted a sister. I hope I can give one to my little girl someday =)

  6. there's nothing like a sister's love and unconditional love!

    XO stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


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