Thursday, November 8, 2012

What happens when a young boy discovers the Photobooth?

Brace Yourself.

This post is filled many self-portraits of Shayne, all of which are taken by him!

I found these precious (and hilarious) photos of him on the ipad, and I just had to put them on our blog. Some of them made me laugh so hard till my sides hurt. I will just upload some of the photos, they're actually many more (like 300+ more. I know..that's a crazy amount of photos. Haha.) Btw some photos include Papa and Shayne, the two crazy-and-wild father and son team. 

Enjoy these photos and hope they'll brighten up your day! It certainly did brighten up mine. :D

:: Shayne's Self-Portraits ::


I will upload the Forest Trail Part 2 photos on my blog tomorrow. (Part 1 can be found here.) And maybe I will upload the other self-portraits of Shayne some day, there are many many more of them on our ipad. I love our little boy so much, he's just so much fun and joy to be with! I'm truly blessed to be his mother.

Till then, :)

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  1. Just started following you!! Thanks for the support! Stay in touch!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! Love your little boy! I have 4 year old twin girls! Wanna follow each other? Come by and let me know :) xoxo

  3. What a little DOLL! Sure looks like a fun evening - I'm sure mine will be making the same discovery very soon!

  4. Shayne is adorable! He is really good at taking self portraits ^-^


  5. how cute! thats it.. i officially want some kiddies now!

  6. Photobooth is just way too much fun not to play with for a long time!!

  7. Happily following back! keep in touch! xoxo

  8. Looks like he is having a lot of fun! So precious!


    swaney e

  9. haha I love when kids discover taking photos. Those last few ones are hilarious!! Thanks for a good laugh this morning.


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