Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Family, in 35 instagram photos. Enjoy!

My (pretty) baby boy after his school's performance! Hahahaha he had so much makeup on that day!
Mama to Shayne aka me :)

Papa and Shayne reading a revised version of "The Three Little Pigs"
Shayne made this pizza all by himself and it was delicious! :)

Time to dig in!!
Playdoh ice-cream ;)

One for Papa, one for Mama, and one for Shayne!
A messy bedroom floor.
Check out the alphabets "D N" at the end of Z. Haha!
Shayne's sleeping buddies

Chubby fingers, and a planet.

The Sun!
Shayne and his friend, playing with legos..
Our boy attempting to jump!!
Erm, why is everyone around Shayne??
Deep in thoughts. Hmmmm....

Going in the indoor slide, which is 3 storey high!
Beautiful poem which describes a relationship...
Inspiring true life stories // Never give up.
*ahem* I was bored.
My 4 year old sleeping angel... He still reminds me of a baby whenever he's asleep, all warm and cosy in his favourite blue blanket...
My baby boy :)
His adorable Happy Meal toy!
A shy boy, and his small lil pig.
Too shy to look at the camera. Haha.
He said that it's "Mama and Shayne sharing ice-cream". (An overflowing ice-cream..Haha.)
Playing with sparklers!
Papa and Shayne riding the "Luge" ride at Sentosa! We had lotsa fun that day :))

Hope you'll have a happy weekend!
(Btw my instagram account is happymariee. We can be IG friends if you'd like to :))

Till then, :)


  1. you are so pretty, and your son is just a doll! xo

  2. sweetie, i already follow you :)

  3. I love Shayne's toys and sleep buddies :)
    He must be such a creative kid doing all those fabulous things !


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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