Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We're all Monkeys. (Part 1)

Our MacRitchie Forest Trail Trip (Part 1)

Muscular Papa and Shayne, climbing up the 'spider web'

Yay they reached the top! :) Papa's holding onto Shayne.. making sure that he doesn't fall backwards :/
Father and Son, at the top of the world!

It was a beautiful afternoon...
Mama and funny-face Shayne. Haha.
Say Cheeseee!

Papa and Shayne, walking hand-in-hand :)
This conversation was probably happening right then. Papa: "Hey Shayne, do you wanna go inside the water?" Shayne: "Noooooo!!!"
Shayne: "Erm Papa, can we leave now?? I don't want to be standing so near the water..." Papa: "Hold on Shayne, I see something at the other side... Oh my, I think it's a crocodile!!" (Hahaha ok that was lame. Sorry, it's 2am and I'm bored.)

Shayne's surf shorts.
Hello Fellow Monkey!
Erm ok, byebye fellow monkey :(
A family gathering.
So cute!
Can you spot the baby monkey holding tightly to its mama? :)
Mama and her baby :))
A monkey checking out other fellow monkeys // A monkey looking at us, humans.
How I wish I could spend my day like that too, just sitting on a tree branch and relaxing...

Little Shayne, looking all confused and lost. Haha.

When I was looking at the monkeys, I kept thinking how funny and weird that we, humans and monkeys, are so related to one another. We're so alike, from our body structure to our behaviour. Like when I saw how tight the baby monkey was clutching onto its Mama, it reminded me of how Shayne was so attached to me when he was a newborn. Back then, I had to constantly hold him to give him a sense of security and comfort, and he wouldn't even allow me to put him down when I had to pee! (Needless to say, I had to hold him in my arms and pee at the same time. Haha.) The maternal instincts which I saw in the mother monkey was also all too familiar. The way she protected her newborn, the way she cared for it, it was all too familiar...

Ok I got to sleep now, it's 2am and I've got so much work to complete tomorrow. I will upload the rest of the photos soon. Good night and Till then, :)

Just some lyrics from a great band:
"All the clever monkeys telling us what to do
Telling us to stay in line and join the monkey queue
Thinking that they're special cos they went to private zoo
One day soon they're gonna end up in a monkey stew

They are wrong, they are wrong

They are all so, so wrong
They are monkeys
They are false, they're untrue
They should be in the zoo with their uncles
And if you don't believe
Go and climb up a tree and you'll love it
You're a fool to believe anymore
So believe you're a monkey."

-We Are Monkeys, by Travis 


  1. Amazing blog hun!! I opened a new blog and would love to hear your thought of it!! Would love to follow each other and stay in touch! xx

  2. Oh wow, look at all those monkeys! Just perfect!
    xo TJ

  3. You had lots fun! It's awesome <3

  4. It looks like you had a great time. I love it how you are bringing Shayne close to nature. Plus I adore monkeys :)


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