Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Heart filled with Love, has no room to hate.

 Shayne's School Work / Art Pieces

These are some of the art pieces and worksheets which Shayne did during the last 2 months at his pre-school. He really enjoys his lessons and always talks happily about them after his lessons. As his mum, one of my wish for him is that he will enjoy studying forever, even till he grows old. That doesn't mean that I want him to be in school forever, it just means that I hope that he will learn something new everyday, be it from his school or daily life activities. Papa and I have always believed that "Learning is Everywhere", and not just from the 4 walls of a classroom.

Nonetheless, here are some of Shayne's school work! Enjoy!

Using coloured chalk to create a masterpiece ;D
"The 3 Little Pigs"
The 3 little pigs and their houses.
Love the colour combi- Black, yellow and pink!
...A Sleeping Angel...
A traditional costume
A Chinese fan
His drawings and other art pieces :)
Ta-dah! That's our little young artist, Shayne :)

My Birthday Wish

Btw, it's my 25th birthday today! Don't worry, I won't write a long post about me and my birthday. Haha. We won't be having any birthday celebrations or that sort of thing, because I've never quite liked it. I'm just thankful for having my family with me, and that everyone is safe and healthy. I'm thankful to have met wonderful people in my life- some of them inspire me, challenge me, encourage me and even love me. All of them help me to realise how beautiful and meaningful life is.

I love my family so much, and for my birthday wish, I hope that their hearts will be filled with ever-lasting love and peace.
The best definition of Love

 Love keeps, and will, keep us alive.

Till then, :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Marie! I hope you have an amazing day. And I love the idea of putting Shayne's artwork here! It's a great way to preserve the memories.

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  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you day is amazing. I love all his artwork, such a smart and talented little boy you have!

  4. Shayne is doign a great job!!! Love his smile!

    And... Happy Birthday!! I hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating.

  5. Happy Birthday! You are such a kind person and it shows when you dedicate your special day to the loved ones surrounding you. May you all be blessed :)

  6. May the Lord Bless you and your family!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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