Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ice-cream, crabs and handmade towel-animals.

More photos of us in Bali!

Having his favourite ice-cream :)

Shayne told me to take a photo of him and his, erm, backside. Boys.... -_- 
Shayne and me :)
Oh no, Shayne decapitated the head of the elephant. No Shayne, Noooo..... (btw check out the cute rabbit at the back!)
Hahaha I told him to smile beside the 2 statues and he went "Must I???" Hence, the reluctant forced smile.
Picking peanuts with his hands, and he realised it was kinda dirty. So...
He used this to pick his peanuts.

Yummy Crab and buns!!! Yum...
Cheeky Shayne

Sleepy Shayne...
who later slept immediately when we reached out hotel room. (again, check out the beautiful towel-swan, small elephants, heart and erm sting-ray.)

Ok I gotta go now, Papa needs to get a haircut and Shayne is pestering for us to leave home now. Have a great Tuesday and till then, :)


  1. These photos make me want to travel :) your son is quite the comedian!

  2. Looks like you're having a really really fun time! All that food looks so good. And I've seen animal towels before, but that one is killer!

  3. So cute, Marie! I love that last picture.

  4. bali looks aaamazing! especially the ice cream and that cozy bed :)

  5. You must have had a blast in Bali. I am so glad to see happy moments of your trip :)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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