Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Week, in 25 Photos.

Our Week, in 25 Photos :

Shayne at 7.30am. He had to open the wedding car's door at 8.30am, so he woke up early and thankfully, completed his task without any hiccups. Yay!

Watching a cartoon show about buses and cars. He was totally engrossed in it and until now, he still asks me when that show will be shown on tv again. I don't know Shayne, I don't know.. :/

Smiling with the bride (Papa's pretty sister) and the groom!

Completely knocked out at 3pm.

I forced him to take a photo with me, and as you can see, he's not interested in smiling for the camera. Definitely got it from his Papa.

Shayne exclaiming "Oh no!" after I asked him if he wanted to go shopping. Haha, typically boy's reaction.

Smiling from ear to ear, after eating a spoonful of Nutella. ( Can you spot the nutella near his mouth? ;) )

Reading the instruction manual of his newly-bought toy carpark. (and wearing his angry bird shorts. Go angry birds!)

He asked me to read the fix-it instructions with him. Erm no thanks Sayne, I'd rather snap photos of you doing so. :D

Shayne sleeping beside his own comfy bed. Don't ask why... I guess the floor looked inviting and comfortable to him that night. And, he said that his soft toys had to sleep on the floor with him too. Poor soft toys...

The father-and-son team! 10 more days to Christmas! Yay! :D

Making a 'pancake' for his Mama. He made 'pancakes' for everyone that night. And he told everyone "Don't eat it ok, it's fake. Just imagine only." Haha.

Brown pancake for Papa, Pink pancake for Mama. The brown one looks really appetising, right???

Colourful layered pancakes! They should start selling such real pancakes; pink ones, white ones, brown ones. ;)

*ahem* I was bored.

A forced smile from Shayne. At least he smiled. I asked him to take a 2nd photo and he went "No no no no no" and shoved my handphone away. Oh well....

Early 2012 // Little Shayne :))

Papa fell asleep while working!! And he woke up abruptly, muttered some words, and went back to sleep. He's a very interesting partner to work with. Haha.

Best book of the year. Very very touching and inspirational.

Daily self-reminder. And a wake up call for me to set straight about my priorities in life.

Anyways, hope you'll have a happy weekend and till then, :)


  1. Ugh I mean *typical boy's reaction and *Shayne. (made 2 spelling errors in this post.)

  2. Hahahahahaha your life seems so awesome
    your first class new (!) follower
    >got a new post, check it out maybe? c: and like follow back and/or check out my blog too? :)

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  4. I love this posts and random snapshots from your life :)


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