Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Week in Photos + An independent young boy.

Our Highlight of the Week!

Shayne had his very first haircut, without us accompanying him at the hair salon! :D We passed him some money, and told him to enter in the hair salon to get his haircut. He didn't even ask us to accompany him, he just said "Ok" and entered in the salon. Like he had done it many times before. Haha.

So, we waited outside for him and saw the hairdresser talking to him, asking him whether he wants a haircut. He said "Yes" and proceeded to sit down at the waiting chair, while waiting for his turn. He saw us outside waiting for him, and did a few silly faces for us. Haha, cheeky little boy.

Soon, it was his turn to get his haircut! He obediently sat down on the chair, and got his haircut. He didn't move or squirm during the entire process. Yay! Even during the ticklish razor-cut part, he didn't move. Whew. He just quietly sat on his chair, while the hairdresser did her magic on our boy's hair. 

Within 15 minutes, everything was over. The hairdresser gave Shayne a comb as a souvenir and Shayne stepped out of the hair salon, and proudly showed it to us. Then, he skipped and hopped away, towards a toy store. 

This will be his first few steps towards becoming an independent young boy, and we hope that by the time he's 8 years old, he will be able to go to nearby places by himself, and hopefully, take the public transport by himself too. We're slowly allowing him to do things by himself, and we only give his instructions before he enters in the store to get what we instructed him to. We're also having fun in the process and sometimes, he even treats it as a game. He loves doing things by himself as he keeps telling us that he's a "young man now". Well, that's kinda true. In a blink of an eye, he will really be a young man. Like how he's already 4 years old, just like that. Times flies so quickly.....

Here are some photos of Shayne's 1st haircut without us parents and some other precious photos :

Shayne smiling like an old man. Hahaha.
A kiss for my little boy :)
Happy Father and Son :)
Me at 2am, after watching a midnight movie with Papa and a few of our cousins.
Anndd here's me digging Bruce Willis's nose. Yeaaaa it felt good. Haha! ;)


  1. lovely post :)
    I like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)
    XO MP.

  2. First haircut? Big step! He looks so handsome. :)


    swaney e

  3. Very brave of him! :) You have a lovely blog by the way :)

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