Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Awesome Father-and-Son Team.

Chilling out at the streets of Bali, and having fun at the arcade :

Carrying his best friend, Donald, with him everywhere..

"Yay Mama! There is a BIG balloon!!"
Someone's getting tired from all the walking and sight-seeing...

Papa and Shayne; the father and son team :)

Chilling out at a coffee/doughnut cafe

Again, more walking and sight-seeing...
A cool elephant and a cute Donald ;)

Face-down into a massive pool of balls!

and Shoot! Yay you did it! :D
Happy Shayne and his Oreo school bus ;D

Will upload more photos soon, Papa needs to use the laptop now. Ciao!

Till then, :)


  1. your family is seriously so cute!!!
    oh ya and following your blog now :)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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