Friday, December 28, 2012

The night my child went missing.

The below photos were taken a few weeks ago, when we made a last minute decision to go to the airport. In case you're wondering, we did not make a last minute decision to leave the country for a holiday too. Haha. We just walked around the airport, ate some really delicious ice-cream and did some window-shopping. As usual, Shayne had a fun time at the airport! He did some colouring, played with his toy cars (for about 1.5 hours, while Papa and I waited and waited and waited...), and he took the airport's indoor slide! 

Ok I've to write this incident down before I forget. Shayne, Papa and I were at the basement and we told Shayne to go up to the 1st floor to take the indoor slide. At this point of time, he has taken the slide countless times and knew what the procedure was: go to the 1st floor, and take the slide which lands him at the basement, where we were waiting.

So we told him to go up to the 1st floor, and we waited for him at the basement. And we waited...and waited. Soon, we felt that something was not right, he was taking too long to slide down. Papa quickly went up, and he called me on my mobile. He said that Shayne was not at the 1st floor and was nowhere to be seen! I panicked and told up to search for him at the other levels. I quickly ran up and searched for him at the 1st floor. Papa rushed to the lift and said that he would look for Shayne at the 2nd floor. While I continued to search for him at the 1st floor...

After a minute or two, Papa called out to me and when I turned around, I saw Shayne with him! I was soooooo relieved and asked Papa where did he find Shayne. He said,"When the lift doors opened at the 2nd floor, I saw a security officer holding Shayne's hands. They were just standing outside the lift doors."


Luckily the officer found Shayne, and thank God they were just standing outside of the lift doors. Otherwise, we would have to make a missing-child announcement over the PA system and continue searching for our little boy in the airport, which is really big.

So that's the end of the missing-child incident. Haha. Here are the photos taken that night :

Doing some colouring with Papa

Playing with toy cars with his new friends

The indoor slide!
Queuing up and waiting for his turn to take the slide...
It's his turn to take the slide!
Bye bye Shayne!
From the airport's CCTV

 Here's my outfit-of-the-day. :D

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the holidays everyone! :))


  1. I am so glad to hear that Shayne is safe! Shayne looks like he's having fun playing in the airport ^-^


  2. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  3. great post.


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