Saturday, December 8, 2012

Welcome to the Luxurious Life.

$$$$$ Welcome to my house $$$$$

Shayne's walking slowly on the sofa's cushion, while I'm smiling from ear to ear as the money explodes from the box in front of me! :D

Shayne still doesn't care about the money and is walking away from it all. And I'm still smiling happily. Haha.
Yup, if only this was my house. If only..... (Btw we were actually sitting on a floor, which was covered in 3D wallpaper. Haha. Pretty unique and creative, right?)
Soon, we left the "cash house" as too many people were queueing up to get their rich photo taken. Honestly speaking, it felt kinda awkward sitting on a floor while people were staring at us, waiting for us to finish snapping our photo. And they were probably thinking "Is she done yet??? Why is she taking so long?  Why can't she just take one photo??" And so, we quickly left the 3D floor (aka the-rich-house-with-a-box-of-cash-exploding-in-your-face) and continued walking. Just then, something caught Shayne's attention. He immediately went "Waaahhhhhh......" and I just had to snap a photo of him, with his face in awe. :D
Woohoooo! Duty-free shopping! ;)

These photos were taken during an evening at Singapore's Changi Airport. I know, they're only a few of them, but I'm too tired to find and upload more photos now. Zzzzz, sleepy Mama.

Hope you'll have a great weekend! Till then, :)


  1. So this is an airport? Woah. I can't believe that's a 3D wall! You fooled me!

  2. looks so fun! your family is seriously so cute! especially your son :)

  3. Awesome pics. That wall is crazy cool!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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