Tuesday, January 29, 2013

13 Happy Photos :)

Last weekend was horrible...well at least for me. We didn't go out because I had to rest for the entire 2 days, I had a bad case of the flu virus. My nose was sometimes stuffy, runny, or blocked. And my muscles were aching really badly and I always felt tired.

And to make things worse, I had diarrhoea, and bad stomach cramps too. How wonderful!

So it's back to work and motherly duties this week. I really hope that this weekend will be much better! Damn flu virus, and stomach cramps. Ugh.

Anyways here are some photos... :)

Pretty rainbow cake.
Macaron... Yum. ;)
Lots of Bread!

Papa and Shayne, walking along the streets of Bali.

Cheeky boy ;)
....Streets of Bali...

I'll update this blog with more photos soon. Take care everyone! Don't let the flu bug bite you. :/

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