Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another day filled with love and joy.

Last Sunday, it was cold and raining throughout the entire day. So that means we had to go somewhere indoors for our family outing on that Sunday. (Sundays are usually reserved for family outings. It's like a family day for us, which I really look forward to every week!)

So we discussed on where we should go on that rainy Sunday and Shayne insisted on going to the airport, again. He loves the airport, he really does. He loves playing with his mini toy-cars at the toy car store, and he loves sliding down the three storey indoor slide at the airport. (which is pretty thrilling and awesome, I must say.)

Here are some snippets of what we did at the airport on that day:

Shayne's outfit of the day. He chose every single clothing by himself, and he wanted to wear a t-shirt underneath a collared shirt. ;)
I got bored and decided to make some changes to the photo... Haha. Our little blue boy!
Btw we were on the sky train, which transports people from one terminal to the next. Shayne loves to ride on the sky train. He loves riding on trains, buses etc. I think it's a boy thing? To be obsessed with all sorts of vehicles. ;D
Our blue boy! Ok, I need to stop changing him to an avatar creature.
I told him to smile, and he gave this awkward shy pose instead. Which is totally not real, he wasn't shy in the airport at all. Immediately after I snapped this photo, he started dancing and moving wildly, at the same spot. :/
Playing with his mini double-decker bus before dinner.
Our Dinner! Yummm....
A statue made out of pure marble. Must be pretty expensive...
Hahaha this was a really funny moment. Shayne was smiling to no one in particular and before I snapped this photo, I asked him to smile at the camera. But he said "No...", and continued smiling into the blank air, to nobody. Hahaha.
Getting restless from all the smiling and posing with cold hard objects behind him.
We took the sky train again and this was a candid moment. Papa and Shayne were looking at something, I'm not too sure what it is. But look at their faces, Shayne looks stunned while Papa looks like he's amazed by something. Hahaha.
Checking out the airport from the train
My favourite photo of the day: both Papa and Shayne holding hands. Life doesn't get any better than this, seeing both of them being so close together. I grew up without a father, never understanding what is it like to receive love from a father, and now, I'm truly glad and happy that Shayne is able to receive love from his Papa. Seeing the both of them loving and caring for each other makes me so happy to be a part of their lives. :)


  1. your baby is so cute <3

  2. aww so cute! and your son is so stylish ;) haha

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