Thursday, January 17, 2013

A weird/gross eating habit, and the mat that every child is obsessed with right now.

This is how he has his dessert recently:

He will dip his orange into his "chin-chow"/herbal jelly drink.

Lately, he has been doing this repeatedly. Again and again. He will dip his orange slices into the herbal jelly drink, make sure that the orange slice is loaded with the drink, and then suck the juice out of it. And.... he loves it. He says that it "tastes goooood". -_- (I hope this little habit doesn't continue when he's a grown up. That will be so weird, seeing a young man doing that.)

Anywaysss, we went to Ikea today as he really wanted this cute little boy mat :
Ever seen this in your Ikea store before? It's getting really popular with young kids recently and Shayne is obsessed over this right now.

Here are some photos of him holding the heavy mat all by himself throughout the entire Ikea store. He insisted on taking it by himself, and wouldn't allow Papa or me to help him.

(btw the photos are quite blurry cos they were taken from my handphone. I need to start using our DSLR soon, it's kinda collecting dust underneath our table right now..)

Holding the mat all by himself. It's really heavy and big!
He got distracted and started playing with some small soft toys...
But soon we continued our journey towards the cashier, as he struggled to hold his beloved boy mat.

Yay! We found a trolley. Finally...some rest for his little arms.

As you can see, he's shorter than the trolley. He was looking through the holes of the trolley, while navigating himself throughout the store. -_-

Ta-da! We finally reach the cashier. It's time to bring these two babies home!
And... I just have to end off this post with a giant poster of Ikea's hotdog bun. How can you not buy it after looking at that poster? It's so big, and so in-your-face. ( in case you're wondering, we did buy for ourselves two hotdog buns. Hmmm..... Yum. )


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