Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Journey Home, and the case of the mysterious pictures!

Sooo... I got bored while Papa was driving, hence I took a couple of photos of Shayne and me during the journey! (Yes this is what girls do when they're bored, they take lots of photos! Which irritates the people around them, especially the boys.) After snapping a few photos, Papa and Shayne got rather irritated and told me to "stop it". Oh well... One day I will have a companion who enjoys snapping photos together with me! ;D

Here are the photos taken during the journey:
Shayne looks like a little vampire here. Haha.

Excited Shayne!

Sleepy Shayne.....

Shayne's self-portrait. He took this by himself ;D

Little Flower hair-pin :)
When we reached home, Shayne took over my handphone, told me to smile and snapped this photo of me:

Haha half of my head is gone!

And later that night, when I was looking through my email inbox, guess what I found....

Hahahahaa! I've got no idea where he got these photos from, and how he managed to send them to my email inbox. Little Cheeky Shayne.


  1. haha! Thanks for the laugh- love the "Excited Shayne!" picture- darling.

  2. cute photos.


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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