Friday, January 11, 2013

Photos Galore!

Get ready to view a truckload of photos! There will be many, many photos ahead.

Nonetheless, have a great weekend!

My outfit for wedding dinner
Papa says that it looks as though they're taking an escalator to Heaven. Haha.

He plays with this everyday and every night. His favourite vehicles and carpark.
He really drank these 2 Yakult simultaneously like that. Greedy little boy.
Shayne's very own self-made pizza! Lots of vegetables and tomato sauce.
Smiling like an old man. Haha.
Dancing in a shopping mall! He was waving his arms wildly. ;)
And then he went "low low low", shaking his butt. Haha.
Shayne's DIY artwork: "Mr Big Eyeballs"

Caught him smiling to himself while playing with his Oreo school bus ;)
Making pink playdoh
Shayne in his formal attire ;)
Hi Five from Papa and Shayne!
Playing together :)
Told him to smile, and he does this. Acting cute -.-
Acting cute, again -.-
"Ok Mama, that's enough! Hmph!"
Our late night supper, made lovingly by Shayne.
Delicious and colourful ice-cream. ;D
Our Saturday Morning :)
Casual Outfit of the day.
"Wassup?" says Shayne. #Swaaggggg.

Playing with this toys happily.
My hair braid and eyelashes. #totallyrandom
A smiley face drawn by Shayne

And check out this baby photo of Shayne.....
Haha! Chubby Cheeks and Pouty Lips.

And now he's all grown up.....


  1. Can never get enough of that cute little face and all of these pictures ;)
    xo TJ


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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