Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The night it snowed in Singapore..

These were taken about 2 weeks ago, when we went out during the Christmas festive season and actually saw 'snow' in sunny Singapore! Yaaayyy! (Ok, they were not snow, they were just soapy foam. Haha.) Pretty soon, it became like a foam party and things got kinda soapy and messy...

Anyways here are the photos! Enjoy and Happy 2013! :)

Hahaha this photo looks as though both of them had an argument and are ignoring each other.
Papa and Shayne. We were waiting for the 'snow'...

Still waiting for the snow...
Yay! It's finally snowing!!! ;D

Foam partyyyyy!

Everyone was covered in snow, and soon it became pretty messy and soapy. Children were running everywhere, screaming and squealing in their high-pitched excited voices. Some adults were smiling and laughing, while some were quite annoyed by everything. Haha.
Shayne was trying to catch the 'snow', while Papa is trying to enjoy the snowy moment. Haha.

We left the place after 15 minutes as it was getting too crowded and went to a nearby restaurant, which had an outdoor playground!

Very delicious sweet dessert. ;)

Last but not least....

Here's wishing you a happy 2013! 
May 2013 bring you lots of joy, love, peace and happiness.
Till then, :)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Happy New Year to you all :)

    xox Lilly

  2. That Christmas tree looks AMAZING! Wow! And hey - soapy snow is better then no snow, right ;) (we also had soapy snow here!)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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