Monday, January 7, 2013

What we did on a Sunday night (from 8pm to 11pm)

A family night outing

8pm :
Shayne fell asleep when we reached our destination, so papa and I grabbed some ice-cream and relaxed for a while....
Matching Outfits // Father and Son
Soon he woke up and we went to the nearby library to borrow some books. :)
And we passed by this cool high-tech navigation map/game!
Shayne got really excited while playing with it :D
Navigating the digital map with his fingers....

After a few minutes of playing, we left the area and continued walking around....

Dancing Shayne
Then he got tired from all the dancing and playing...

We left the library as it was closing and went to a nearby shopping mall. We passed by a 'school bus' and he had to sit on the 'school bus', as buses are his favourite vehicle. (as you can see, Shayne is a pretty serious driver...)
Soon we felt hungry and decided that it was time for some donuts!
"Would you like to have some donuts?"
"Hmmmm...these are some tasty donuts!"

After the sweet supper, we decided to check out the cute mini water fountain!
Dancing water and lights...
Papa and Shayne :)

"Say Cheeseeee!"
My baby boy and me :)
 Time to return home. Goodnight everyone!
Till then, :)


  1. The lil' baby I'm holding is trying to lick my screen because of those donuts, we think yum! Love the sleeping pictures... so sweet!

  2. Very nice!
    If you want we can follow each other. Join on my blog and I will come back back to you ;)

  3. Oh he is too adorable! That fountain looks pretty cool at night - love the way it's all it up.


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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