Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Would you like to open these presents with me?

So... I'm bored and I've decided to upload these photos, which were taken last December. :D

1) Shayne opening his Christmas presents on a Christmas morning:
Shayne's early morning bloated face // Being serious while opening his presents.
Small books :)

Being serious again...
He loves this London Bus so much, which was given by my mum.
Happy Shayne :)
Delicious Ginger Biscuits!
Fixing his toy carpark, which he plays with everyday.

2) My 25th Birthday mini-celebration at home:
Cutting the cake with a metal knife!!!
Super unglam family members at the background. Hahaha.
"Hmmm...what can this be..?"
"Oh it's a cup and bowl, featuring Marie the Cat!"

3) Before we left home for a Christmas Celebration:
Shy Shayne.

A little peak.
Carrying his Bananas in Pyjamas bag. Remember that cartoon show? ;)
"Mama can we leave home now??"
"Hmph stop taking photos of me!"
Shayne's long dark eyelashes and chubby cheeks. :)
Btw we were waiting for Papa to get ready, hence I started snapping photos of Shayne as I was bored. Haha.

Ok, and that's end of this post. There are many more photos taken from last December, which I will upload soon (if there's time...). Nonetheless, hope you'll have a great week ahead! 

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  1. Shayne is just SO cute! I love his serious face when he's opening presents.

    Happy belated birthday, Marie!


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