Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A 10 Minute Experience Which Changed My Saturday Afternoon.

A Dillar A Dollar

This was a really funny conversation which happened between Shayne and me last weekend. I've to write it down before I forget about it..

Shayne (playing with his toys and talking loudly to himself at the same time): A Dillar A Dollar! A Dillar A Dollar! A Dillar A Dollar!

And this went on and on for a few minutes, until I finally asked him what was he talking about.

Me: Shayne, what are you talking about??? What is 'a dillar a dollar'??? There is no such word, you know.


Me: No, there isn't. Are you talking about something which costs one dollar?

Shayne (becoming more insistent and impatient): No!!! There's a story called 'A Dillar A Dollar'! Really, it's true.

Me: Are you sure....?

Shayne: Come, I will show you the book. It's true Mama.

So he stops playing with his toy cars and proceeds to find the storybook which features 'A Dillar A Dollar'. We go to our bedroom's bookshelf. He rummages through the books in a fervent manner, hoping to find it. But unfortunately, after a few minutes, he doesn't find the storybook.

Me: You see... there is no such thing as 'a dillar a dollar'. It's a dollar, not a dillar a dollar.

Shayne: Wait Mama, wait. Let me find the book, I will show you.

So, we go to another bedroom, where some books are scattered all over the floor. He goes through them one by one, flipping through the pages, hoping to find the 'A Dillar A Dollar' story.

After a few minutes....

Shayne (talking excitedly and loudly): See Mama!!! I found the story!! You see!!! Come here!!!

Me (in disbelief): Okok, hold on....

And what do you know. There is a story/poem titled 'A Dillar A Dollar'.

I was stunned.

Me: Sorry Shayne, I thought you were spouting nonsense and didn't believe you. By the way, who read this to you?

Shayne (feeling very happy): I read it by myself! It's 'a dillar a dollar' right? Mama, can you read the story to me now?

So I read the story to him and after that, Shayne goes off to play with this toy cars.

Moral of the Story: Always believe what your little one tells you. Even though it may sound a little ridiculous (like what exactly is a dillar a dollar???), it may be true. Never doubt your little one.



  1. Love this post! And how cute was this little conversation. It's true, we always need to believe our littles! Can't wait till I have a little one to have conversations like this with!
    xo TJ

  2. Hahaha kids say the darnest things, huh. That's so cute though!


  3. Aww that is so cute! My son isn't old enough to read but he'll sing random things from various books/tv shows and I always have to try to decipher what exactly it's from haha


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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