Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year- Day 1!

We went to a few houses during the first day of Chinese New Year and I'm glad to say that Shayne behaved very well! He didn't complain or whine, he just followed us to the different houses throughout the entire day, even though he was tired. He's a good little trooper. :)

Here are some photos taken from my handphone and my sisters' and cousin's handphone. (Ok they're actually quite a lot of photos, not some photos. Haha.) I will upload the better quality photos taken from our DSLR soon.

Enjoy and hope you had a great weekend! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! :D

That's Papa and Me at the left-hand side. And the little boy is Shayne!
Shayne is squinting. I've got no idea why. You know... kids.
Photobombers at the back!! Hahaha
My cheeky little boy and me

Pretending to be asleep.
Papa and Shayne (underneath the blanket. Haha.)
Papa took this photo. I've got no idea why -_-
My sisters and I :)
My uncle and Shayne
Spot the swift arms and handphone. Haha!
Papa and my uncle!
Shayne and my aunt :)
My sister and I

My Red Heels (of the day)
My outfit-of-the-day: Floral Prints + Red Heels :D
Clean white shoes for Chinese New Year :D
I quickly snapped a photo of Shayne in his traditional Chinese costume before we left home that morning. Hence the awkward smile and stiff pose. Haha.

Here's a sneak peek of our Day 2 :
My cousin made this collage of Shayne. I need to print this and frame it up soon. :DM
I've got no idea why Shayne is making that 'sad crying face' -_-
My cousin and Shayne (pretending to sleep?)
Making silly faces again. Haha.
"Stop taking photos of me. I will not smile anymore."
....Our tired boy....

Ok I'll upload more CNY photos soon. It's time to watch another movie! Got to take full advantage of this holiday season...

Till then, :)


  1. Aw, how fun! Great pictures girl! And happy belated Chinese New Year!! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Happy Chinese New Year. Your boy looks adorable.


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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