Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ever Seen A Human Slide? ;)

Our Day 3 of Chinese New Year!

Here are more photos of our Chinese New Year 2013. I know, the photos never seem to end. And if I'm not wrong, there are more photos from our DSLR! Eeeeks. I think I may have taken too many photos this Chinese New Year. Haha. But that's a good thing, right?

So here are the photos taken from my handphone on that day (Day 3 of our Chinese New Year). We visited Papa's friend and there was actually a lion dance performance going on before these photos were taken.

chinese new year outfit for boys
"Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!"
Shayne and Papa's friend.
Papa and Shayne. Shayne was actually playing climbing all over Papa and I quickly told him to smile so that I could snap a photo of them, hence the rather stiff and awkward pose from Shayne. Haha.
Papa was watching the telly.

father and son playing
Sliding down the human slide!!
And climbing back up the human slide. :D
Someone's getting too comfortable....
A swift jump from Shayne!
Upclose of his rosy cheeks and long eyelashes. ;)
Munching on his favourite biscuits.

And here are some photos taken from Papa's friend handphone:
A big goofy grin and happy squinty eyes from Shayne :)

Sticking his tongue out, again.
HAHAHA this photo cracks me up all the time! Shayne was actually pretending to sleep. That little cheeky boy....
Papa's friends, us and sleepy Shayne.. Haha.
Watching Thor while munching on the goodies.

 And later that evening:
We meet the cousins for another family gathering again!
HAHAHAHA my sister was actually pulling my shirt and Papa snapped a photo of it. My shirt was really big, so my sister decided to make it 'smaller' by pulling it from the back. -_- (Btw can you spot little Shayne? He was staring at us in bewilderment at the time. Haha.)
a SUPER unglam photo of me and my sister. This was a really funny moment, we were laughing our hearts out at the time, hence this photo deserves a spot in this blog! (though I look kinda weird and horrible...)
lao yu sheng
Yu Sheng: a traditional CNY dish which everyone has to mix and toss real high up all the preserved ingredients together. While mixing and tossing the ingredients, everyone has to say a few good words and phrases at the same time. It's a really fun activity to do with your loved ones!
messy yu sheng
The aftermath. A messy table, with food and chopsticks strewn all over it. 1 or 2 of our chopsticks got thrown up into the air during the tossing. Haha!

And that's the end of our Day 3! My favourite part of the day was the "Lao Yu Sheng". Everything and everyone was kinda in chaos, and so much food was flying all over the air. Haha.

I'll upload the remaining Chinese New Year photos soon, including the special lion dance performance at Shayne's pre-school. Parents were invited to the lion dance performance and it was amusing and exciting to see so many young children getting all excited over the "lion". One or two children cried due to the loud banging of drums, but overall everyone (including me!) enjoyed the performance. :)

Ok it's time for work now. I'll be back with more CNY photos soon! (if you don't mind... haha.)

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  1. i love your family time, makes me smile. your little boy is so cute in his outfit :).

    happy Chinese new year


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