Thursday, February 14, 2013

More photos of our CNY Day 1! featuring THAT DRESS, and that costume ;)

Good Morning!
Outfit for CNY Day 1: A pretty girly dress :)
Upclose // Pretty flowers and butterflies
Shayne :)
Upclose // Details of his traditional Chinese costume

Receiving mandarin oranges

Shayne + Shayne's Grandma/Papa's mum :)
Traditional Chinese New Year basket (which symbolises good luck and wealth)
....Pretty flowers....
Silly faces from Shayne :D
Shayne's Great-Grandma/Papa's Grandma + Shayne
Happy Shayne!

Everybody wants a piece of Horsey! :D
Horsey seems tired. Haha.

Me, Shayne's Great-grandma, Shayne (and Horsey), Shayne's Grandma
A family photo!
My not-so-little boy and me, wearing our new outfits just for Chinese New Year.  

Happy Chinese New everyone! :)


  1. Beautiful colors and darling family! Love all the photo's!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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