Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our very own mini Bruce Lee! ;)

Chinese New Year- Day 2!

chinese new year family photo
Papa,me and cheeky Shayne!
Beautiful decorations done by my aunt
Chinese New Year goodies at the left, and some leftovers from our steamboat lunch at the right.
3 hungry ladies ;D
Steamboat lunch! Fresh food, vegetables and great-tasting soup.
steamboat dinner
Fresh prawns and fat juicy scallops! Oh yum yum yum...
Watching the telly, while clutching Horsey tightly. Someone's got to protect Horsey right? ;)

cute boy
My messy bed-hair boy.

Someone's getting pretty sleepy.....
boy chinese outfit
Shayne's outfit of the day: A cute Chinese kungfu attire!
chinese new year outfit for boys
Our mini-Bruce Lee. :D


Shayne and my cousin :)
A family photo! Say Cheeese!
Again, Shayne is sticking his tongue out.
Uncomfortable smiles from Papa and Shayne, and I'm the only one who is smiling happily. Haha. You know us girls, we're always ready for the camera. ;)
Our little cheeky one, always ready with a  smile tongue.
That's my younger sister, Sharon, at the right. :)
Another family photo!
We seldom take a photo together, so I'm really happy that we managed to take this photo of just the 2 of us. :)
My favourite photo of the day: My baby boy and I. I love him so much! :)

And that's basically sums up our Day 2 of Chinese New Year. We visited my aunt, and we stayed there for quite a long time. Shayne even took a 2 hours nap at their place! Their house was just recently renovated and it looks so much better than before. It's now really spacious and everything looks so much neater and nicer.

Ok I got to end this entry now, it's really late. I'll try to upload the rest of our CNY day 3 photos by this week. *fingers crossed* 

Good night everyone!


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  2. Those decorations are lovely, and that food looks scrumptious!!!
    xo TJ

  3. Enjoyed this post thoroughly. Thanks for sharing!

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