Friday, February 1, 2013

What's going on lately?

So... it's 1st of February, and the January flu bug has not left me yet. And now, it has developed into a cough and sore throat. Ugh. I have so much yellow disgusting phlegm inside of me, and it's annoying. My family has been telling me to see the doctor but due to my stubborness, I've not seen one yet. I've been trying all sorts of self-remedy : smelling Vicks from hot steamy water, applying Vicks onto my nostrils, eating many lozenges etc etc. Hopefully, this sickness of mine will go away soon!

Ok enough of the sickness-talk. On a lighter note, Shayne has started his new school today and I can't wait to pick him up and listen to all of his first-day-of-school stories. He adapts pretty well to changes, and he didn't cry or whine when we sent him to his new school in the morning. He's a good boy, he really is. :)

And here are some recent instagram photos of us lately. Hope you'll have a great weekend!

Happy squinty eyes and chubby tummyyyy
Making a chocolate ice-cream. It was really difficult pushing that thing, it required lots of effort.
Never too early to teach our children such topics //  Where Do I Come From?
A cute and colourful apple.
On the Skytrain at Changi Airport.
Shayne's artwork! He said that the 2 penguins were "Mummy and Shayne, together forever." Aaawww :)
3 birds : Papa, Mama and Shayne
Colourful cat and duck. I love his drawings, they're always so colourful and imaginative!
This was a funny moment. Shayne was pretending that he was on a train, and some passengers were pushing him. He's quite a good actor, right? Haha. :D
Shayne's new boy-mat, bought from Ikea! He will 'drive' his toy cars along the road and sometimes, he will use his fingers and pretend that there's a pedestrian crossing the road or zebra-crossing. Haha.
Ok I stole this photo from Papa's handphone. That's me stranding behind Shayne, the mini Darth Vader. Papa and Shayne love Star Wars, they really do. I won't be surprised if they decide to have a Star Wars movie-marathon one day. You know...boys. They're obsessed with fighting (added bonus if there are cool laser-swords) and anything which has Good versus Evil. :/


  1. Aw i'm so sorry you aren't feeling good! I have a cold too. I'm praying it's not the flu. I'm super stuffed up. I hope you feel better!

  2. sorry you're not feeling well! sickness is everywhere right now! your son is such a cutie! :)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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