Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 recent photos of my family: a little world created by Love. :)

life lately
Good Morning! :))
Pretending to be on a very crowded train!
Can you spot his passport-size photo, and another candid photo of Papa and I? ;)
Our little artist/scribbler
His favourite toy: Lego
Me at 2am, after a late night movie...
life lately
Papa and Shayne// My 2 favourite boys in the whole wide world <3
kids wear
Outfit of the day // Muscle Tank tops are the cutest on boys :D
"The train is so jam-packed!!!" 
My fellow passenger giving me the annoyed look. Haha.
singapore buildings
...It was a beautiful day...
casual outfit for girls
What I Wore // Outfit of the day
cute tummy
"I got your back, Papa."
Fanning Papa with an old-school straw fan!
chubby cheeks
Love his chubby cheeks and protruding tummyyy :D
Poking Shayne's belly button with a lego block. Haha.
"If you're happy and you know it, pull your ears!"
So here's the bus which has been damaged less than a day after we bought it. He broke the door and ceiling of the bus on purpose as according to him, it's a "special open-air bus". Oh well... boys. Always so full of imagination and destructive. -__-
A forced half-smile.
Looks as though his arm is sticking out of his ears/face. Haha.
Shayne can easily climb these steps in 2 seconds, but I can't even do it in 10 seconds. The gaps between the steps are huge and terrifying! I don't know how kids are able to climb up and down them so effortlessly and fearlessly.
The bus conductor.
sushi tei
Last but not least, an awesome Japanese dinner! Udon, sake shots and mini-steamboat. Yum!!!
Cheers to the weekend! ;)


  1. Awww beautiful family my dear! :) Also your little boy is such a cutie!!! You look gorgeous too :)

  2. so cute--- and your dinner looks delish!

  3. HAppy weekend too dear!
    You're son is sucha cutie(he looks like my crush who's a surgeon), no doubt.
    Just by looking at the parents. Heirloom!:-)
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  4. You have such a beautiful little family! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog-- I'm your newest follower and excited to get to know you! xoxo

  5. Happy Weekend to you sweetie!
    Really beautiful photographs.


  6. Aww so cute!! :) Thanks for sharing. :}

  7. Lovely photos, he is so cute and always looks so happy! xx

  8. What a happy boy! Great pics.


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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