Friday, March 29, 2013

A Special Weekend Post: 3 Videos of our Family!

I was looking through my YouTube channel and realised that I have uploaded a few videos previously which I've totally forgotten all about. So here they are, Enjoy! And have a great weekend with your loved ones. :)

Chasing away many pigeons on a weekend morning

Sleepy Baby (Part 1) // 
Check out 0.15 when he says "so many commuters" in his sleepy low monotonous voice. ;D

Sleepy Baby (Part 2) // "Some of them have alighted". 
And just in case you're wondering, "Popo" means Grandma in mandarin. He was really tired and confused at that time. Haha. Btw I'm sorry about the loud ending! Shayne always does that 'child-attack' on my phone whenever he notices that I'm video-recording him. Oh well...

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  1. Ha, I loved watching all of these. You and your family are just perfect ;)
    xo TJ


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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