Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Special Moment shared between my boy and I.

What we did on a Sunday Afternoon

We had a simple family outing at a shopping mall because we needed to buy some work-related items from Daiso and that shopping mall has Daiso! I love Daiso, everything is sold at only $2.00 and they have all sorts of items in that store! You name it, they have it: food (snacks and drinks), makeup, office supplies, house supplies (mops and brooms are only sold at $2!), household clothings (like pjs and bedroom slippers), and many many more

So while we were shopping for office supplies, Shayne saw a few toys and he eventually bought 3 of them. He bought a toy aeroplane, crane and car- all for only $6! You know...he's at the age where vehicles are absolutely fascinating to him. And just a few days ago, he proudly showed me a special lego carpark which he built by himself: aeroplanes could be parked at the first level, and cars could be parked at the second level. You'll never know... an architect may build that sort of carpark one day. ;)

Here are a couple of photos of our Sunday afternoon:

happy boy
Happy us, on the way to the shopping mall :D

...His rosy cheeks and long eyelashes...
The rooftop outdoor playground // It's actually much bigger and there are more slides at the left and at the back.
Children running and Shayne's shouting (at something). Haha.
Pretending to be on a bus. Holding on tightly onto the handrails.
Papa's lunch.
My lunch! Yummm....
Even Shayne is salivating... Haha.
After our Daiso shopping //  That's Papa and Shayne, walking hand-in-hand :)
Too Bright!
sunny day
It has been raining heavily the past few days, but thankfully, the weather was perfect on that Sunday. :)
happy mother and son
On our way home, feeling happy and cheery
sleeping child
And one minute later, my boy fell asleep in my arms...


  1. Looks like you guys have WONDERFUL times together! Way to keep his childhood joyful and full of memories! Great pics:)

  2. Great post dear <333 I really really really like your blog! Love, Anna


  3. Oh gosh, that last picture just melts my heart. Your little family is so precious! And that food looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ

  4. Those cuddle moments are so special!!


  5. your kid is so so cute <3

  6. Big day for Shayne -- looks like he had fun!

  7. what a lovely day with your son! they really are the best dates hey! thanks for stopping by our blog :)


  8. Your little guy is really cute and sweet! Our children look like us .... well you're a mom very nice and sweet! Congratulations to your family! I follow you now, I'd like you did too .. if you want! Thank you and a big hug! Eleonora


  9. Hey you have beautiful blog and Super cute son!
    Maybe you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc? check my blog and let me know! i would love it!


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