Friday, March 1, 2013

Cos It's Always A Good Time!

Wow it has been 6 days since I've last updated our blog. Eeeeks. Papa and I have been pretty busy recently due to the preparation of our new centre. We can't wait for our new business to start! We've just bought the furniture last night, and I can't wait to fix them up and arrange them neatly in the centre. :)

So here are some photos of our Day 3 of Chinese New Year. I know... Chinese New Year was like 2 weeks ago. But I seriously took too many photos during this CNY season! Since this blog is all about photos of our family outings and gatherings, I've decided to upload them here. :D

Anyways here are some candid photos of our Day 3. Photos were mainly taken by the handsome Papa:

Shayne playing with his favourite legos. And can I just say again, how much I love his fair rosy cheeks and long eyelashes? Seriously, this kid has got me mesmerized. ;) (I hope I don't sound like a crazy mum! Every mum loves to admire her child's face, right? Haha.)

It's time for wrestling!!!
Unglam photo number 1: My sister and I, eating a bowl of Yu Sheng. (btw, Papa was the one taking these photos)
number 2: Mouths wide open.
number 3: The cousin appears!
number 4: Laughing at a family joke
Lastly, super unglam photo number 5: A disgusted face from the sister, and a funny bunny face from the cousin. Haha!

After dinner, Shayne decided to do a little Hi-5 "L.O.V.E" dancing in front of his "audience".
He danced and danced, and danced, for about 30 minutes.
I was forced to be one of his audience, so I decided to snap some photos of him dancing. Haha. And as you can see, Papa was using the laptop at the background. He was the person in charge of playing the music. Go Mr DJ!

Shayne's cute audience.

So that was how we end off that day; watching our little boy dance to the beat of the music. And just a few hours ago, we watched him dance to the same Hi-5 'L.O.V.E' song again. He really does love that song, a lot. And the thing is.... I'm starting to love it too. It's a pretty catchy song. ;)

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